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The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) in collaboration with OZE and SSNIT on Monday, August 1, 2022 has organised a 2-day training workshop on Business and Financial Management for over 42 Micro Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) in the municipality.

The training serve as a synopsis of a set of measures being embraced by the assembly to ensure that Micro Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) can function on budget preparation and implementation, accounting financial recording , cash and accounts super vision as well as personal pension plans.

The officials from SSNIT encouraged participants to join the SSNIT scheme in other to enjoy a good life after retirement.

Miss Sarah Afua Dede the director for Ghana Enterprises Agency (LaDMA) said that the need for the training was to ensure that, the MSMEs in the municipality could compete with other world where there is a comprehensive range of positive cash flow for smooth business operation. She said ‘today every country is struggling for economic prosperity ‘and mentioned that it’s tough for the new entrepreneurs in the municipality who have never learnt how to budget and plan to achieve financial security.

 Miss Joana Nartey believe that the training would go a long way to bring self-restraint and transformation into the sector.

Some of the participants expressed their happiness and satisfaction for the workshop and urged the organisers to consider it as a yearly programme.


The leader of DPAT team Mr Percy Anaab Bukati has described delay in release of information during the DPAT assessment as a canker, which the assemblies as a matter of urgency must get rid of.

Mr Percy made this call when his team visited the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) for the 2 days DPAT assessment on Monday, July 25, 2022.

Mr Percy expressed his worry at the meeting held with the management team of the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly. The visit was to assess the performance of the Assembly for the year 2021.

According to Mr Percy, the two days exercise will be done within schedule. He urged the management team to make all information needed available to avoid late exit. Mr Percy mentioned that, the reasons for the late exit beyond the normal working hours was because of delay in the release of information to the DPAT team and the relaxation of the team waiting for information to work on.

Mr Percy appealed to the management not to endanger both parties and called for the release of information on time to enable them work within stipulated time.

Rev Solomon Kotey Nikoi, the Municipal Chief Executive for La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) bemoan the late short notice acknowledged from DPAT team for the assessment and mentioned that knowing what was at stake, his management has put together all the necessary document and information for smooth running of the exercise.

Rev Solomon Kotey Nikoi assured the DPAT team of the assembly support to enable them to work swithout fear or favour.


The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly at its emergency General Assembly Meeting on Monday, July 19, 2022 ordered the Municipal Security (MUSEC) to close down Hyde Out Hub, a popular nightclub at La noted for allegedly promoting Nudity and indecent exposure of young girls through entertainment.

The owner of the Hyde Out Hub is operating without a permit. The place is noted for selling illicit drugs (India Hemp). After deliberation, all 15-assembly members voted for the area to be close down.

The municipal was noticed by this action when a video of these incidents were circulating across the internet, which was tarnishing the image of the Municipality.


The Ecological Restoration Club, an NGO in collaboration with the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) with funding from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on Wednesday, June 27, 2022 organised a training programme on plastic waste segregation for selected schools from the La Municipality.

The schools were St Paul, La Salem Presbyterian Primary, Enobal Primary and Association School were taken through the phases of pull together and positioning plastic waste in their various schools, home and the communities.

The MCE for the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly, Rev Solomon Kotey Nikoi noted that, the training would influence the pupils to abstain from indecorous dumping of waste in the municipality. The Municipal Chief Executive urged the participants school teachers and the pupils to be ambassadors of plastic waste segregation management in all places.

Rev Solomon Kotey Nikoi bemoan the activities of residents who have fashioned unhealthy habit of littering the drains and unauthorised areas with plastic waste, which besieged the Kpeshie Lagoon and the beach whenever it rains heavy.

The MCE was therefore sure that the training programme would give the pupils the platform to be self-discipline on waste management issues.

Mr Odjam mentioned that, the programme is at its pilot stage and appealed to the participants to educate their colleague friends and other close relations to change their attitude towards disposal of plastic waste. Mr Odjam said that the goal for the training is to help reduce the pollution of the environment. 


Over 80 women drawn from the La Dade-Kotopon Municipality is undergoing a Six-week skills training programme organised by the Municipal Culture Unit from Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

The skills training include female adults, youth, and a male. It is aimed at equipping the women in the municipality with the requisite skills that would enable them to support their families during their active service time and after retirement.

The participants will be taken through Beading (slippers, key holder, headband, necklace, bags). Fashion Accessories (Ankara fan) and Macramé (Bracelet, Purse, flowerpot hanger).Family members and relations of the trainees were present at the opening ceremony of the assembly skills training for the participants.

In his address to the participants, Mr Adu Asante the Municipal Director for Culture Unit commended the Municipal Chief Executive and the Municipal Coordinating Director for their effort and support given to his department for the training programme which has brought citizenry close to the assembly to benefit from the assembly’s programmes and activities. 

According to the Mr Adu Asante, the training is to improve the livelihood of women in La municipality. He said the projected 80 participants was exceeded and urged the authorities to review the number of participants at the last quarter of the year, looking at the responses from the citizenry from La.




The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly as part of it social responsibilities engaged stakeholders at the Christ Apostolic Church International, Wireless Assembly-La.

Speaking on the theme, participatory development: the role of stakeholders, Reverend Solomon Kotey Nikoi the Municipal Chief Executive said the assembly had work hand-to-hand with the traditional rules and key developmental partners to move the assembly to another level.

He held that major steps has been taken by the assembly to address issues raised at the last stakeholders meeting. Reverend Solomon, the MCE for LaDMA mentioned that construction of school classroom blocks with ancillary facilities at various stages of completion in the municipality. 

The MCE said construction of drains, desilting, and demolishing of illegal structures on water ways had carried out periodically to address the perennial flooding in the municipality whenever it rains.

Answering to questions raised by the stakeholders, the MCE mentioned that the assembly in the previous year has embarked on a number of programmes and projects that featured in the 2021 annual action plan and composite budget. The projects and the programmes he said cut across a number of government flagship programmes and social interventions, like skill training and empowerment of small business in the municipality.


The MCE said the assembly for the first time exceeded its revenue target in 2021 due to prudent management put in place. According to the MCE, the assembly reposition itself by tackling the loopholes confronting Internally Generated Funds (IGF) by implementing various strategies that includes the Updating the assembly’s Revenue Data Base, Establishment of two revenue pay points, regular interaction with ratepayers, capacity building for revenue collectors and the formation and operationalization of revenue task force.

The MCE, Reverend Solomon Kotey Nikoi mentioned that the assembly has distributed dual and mono desks to needy schools in the municipality while over 40 schools have benefited from the Ghana’s Schools Free Feeding Programme.


The Municipal Chief Executive, Reverend Solomon Kotey Nikoi mourned the challenges militating against the assembly notwithstanding the giant pace made by the assembly, and called on the traditional authorities, parents, and stakeholder to help address them to build a well-structured society for the generation to come.



The Municipal Planning Coordinating Unit (MPCU) on Wednesday March 23, 2022 held it first quarter meeting at the Municipal Assembly Hall. The meeting was in line with the Local Governance Act, 2016,(Act 936) with the amendment (Act 940) Section 85, mandates the MPCU to undertake quarterly meeting and monitoring of projects being executed within the municipality.

At the meeting, members’ deliberated on previous minutes, projects monitoring report, the presentation of quarterly reports by Departments and Units. The briefing by MEHO on OCYF enforcement in LaDMA.



The Greater Accra Regional Minister Mr Henry Quartey said the COVID-19 Pandemic caused major social economic ruin in the country therefore Ghanaians must not let their guard down but join forces together with leadership to build a resilient system.

Speaking at the Greater Accra 65th Independence Day celebration parade held at the El-Wak Sports Stadium, the minister said finding from the COVID-19 business track survey conducted by the Ghana statistical service said business in Ghana suffered an average decline of an estimated 51 percent leading to the closure of business that resorted in job losses.


Mr Henry Quartey said but for the timely intervention of government and other global organisation, the affected business would not have remain resilient. He however commended the World Bank and the United Nation Development Programme for their investment made in resuscitating business.

Mr Quartey maintained that, it is a time for all to come together in solidarity to build the country to fulfil the objective behind the fight of the nation. He appealed to stakeholders to make the ’Operation Clean Your Frontage’ work. The Municipal Chief Executive for the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly Reverend  Solomon Kotey Nikoi stress the need for all to cooperate and support the government, as it stride for initiate prudent policies to restore the country economic misfortune. The MCE said the assembly is working hard to reposition itself to be the best municipality in the Greater Accra Region. St Thomas Aquinas Senior High School was the overall best for the parade.

LaDMA Decongest Adiembra Roads.

Scene at the decongestion exercise

The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) as part of its social responsibilities on the ‘Operation clean your frontage’ on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 began demolishing illegal structures raised along the roads of Adiembra electoral area in the municipality.

Speaking to the media, the Municipal Chief Executive for LaDMA, Rev Solomon Kotey Nikoi said the exercise was to create space for the construction of pedestrian walkways.

He said pedestrian compete with vehicles on the roads creating traffic and accidents in the municipality. According to the MCE, most children has lost their lives to onrushing vehicles because of the activities of residents and shop owners who have occupied the pedestrian walkways with illegal structures and the best way to address the issue is to decongest walkways where people unlawfully encroached.

Rev Solomon Kotey Nikoi stated that the assembly has given notice to the affected people and done a lot of awareness prior to the exercise.Rev Solomon mentioned that it was illegal for populaces and business owners to erect structures five feet beyond their frontage to obstruct pedestrian movement.

 Majority of the affected people described the exercise as selective and appealed to the MCE to give them few days to relocate their kiosk and the containers.

Minority were sceptical about the sustainability of the exercise, if it would not be a day wonder to please the Greater Accra Regional Minister that LaDMA is working towards its goals.

They bemoan the assembly lack of action against unauthorised structures at lower stages until it is well established. Moreover, they urged the assembly to be proactive in the discharge of their duties.


The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) held its Third Quarter Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday September 29, 2021 at the Prisons Interdenominational Church, Cantonments, on the theme, Participatory Planning and Budgeting: The Role of Stakeholders.

Addressing the participants, the Municipal Chief Executive for LaDMA Mr Solomon Nikoi Kotey said the meeting was to ensure continuity with free flow of information, assessment in terms of education, security, sanitation, youth employment, and revenue mobilization to ensure accountability. He said the assembly will continue to ensure that the relevant partners meet and discuss issues needed immediate attention to promote participatory governance directed by the essential values in a bid to position the assembly to better respond to citizen needs and initiatives to withstand their trust and firm belief” he said.

The MCE urged residents and people operating their business in the municipality to work towards a common goal for the development of the municipality.

The MP for La Dade-Kotopon Constituency Ms Rita Odoley Sowah appealed to the residents to pay their bills on time to help the assembly to provide them improved service. The MP said that she was lobbying for the construction of La general hospital on time and the dredging of the Kpeshie Lagoon.

Hon. Rita Odoley Sowah called on parents to invest into their children to become responsible and future leaders.

The main objective of the town hall meeting is to examine its impact on the people in the Municipality. In order to achieve this broad mission, the town hall seeks to identify the level of citizen understanding on programs and activities in the Municipal Assembly: 

   To ensure that the assembly major policies and programmes for the year 2021 and 2022 is extensively understood by the citizenry in the municipality through such gatherings. Strengthen effective and healthy working relationship with key stakeholders to ensure prudent implementation of government policies and programmes at both the central and district level.