The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) has embarked on massive demolishing exercise at East La (Tse Addo). The exercise became possible after series of notices and publicity to the affected people to vacate the areas earmarked for the demolishing. The exercise that started at East La roundabout on Tuesday, 18 May 2021 will continue until all illegal structures at unauthorized areas within the La Municipality are cleared.

Speaking to some of the affected traders at the Zenith University College enclave, madam Regina said that they received the notice about three months ago and they thought it was just the normal warning they received from the assembly. According to her, the exercise came at the time they were recovering from the COVID-19 setback.

        The information services department upon reaching one of the victims Gifty a food vendor, who was affected by the exercise stated that they had been given notices three months prior to the demolition exercise but they had gone to see the assembly hierarchy to plead with them, but all seemed to have fallen on deafened ears. She went on to say she does not know where to go now if she moves.

Also, Okpoti Tetteh the husband of an affected victim stated that notices were given to them and that was a good initiative, however, their sources of income has been taken from them. He further explained that should the area be given to others if they are vacated from the area, they would not be pleased with the assembly.

          Finally, another victim of the exercise stated that for years now the assembly has always given notices for eviction but nothing had happened so they assumed it was one of their usual notices till the demolishing commenced.

The assembly assured the residents of the La enclave of a continuous and effective effort to make the community a clean and admirable one. The assembly went on to advise the residents with intentions of starting businesses to make sure they get their permits and renew them when the need be.

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