The second Jab of the Covid-19 Vaccine commenced at the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly LaDMA over the last weekend, people around the municipality approached the assembly for the second jab of the Covid-19 Vaccine.  They were all masked up uttering their readiness for the vaccination. The health officials advised the participants to eat well enough to avoid any complications after the second jab.

Health Official, Christiana Otoo (supervisor, La North) stated that the exercise had moved on well despite a few challenges they faced on the first day but the subsequent days had them moving well with the system. So far so good as compared to the first, jab.

     According to the supervisor, the first jab recorded about 16,000 people with same number expected for the second jab. She said the impact of the second jab was mild, as most of them had not made any complaints yet because the antigens had already formed after the first jab of the vaccination. 

Speaking with Evangelina Adjei (Public health nurse), she stated, “we first ask whether the person has eaten because we don’t want to inject the vaccine on an empty stomach.”

She further stated that most complaints they had during the first jab were; headaches, fever and dizziness. She therefore advised the public to consume more fruits and vegetables to boost their immune system.

     Speaking with Mrs Naomi Adjeley after her second jab she stated that she had experienced few body pains and fever after the first jab and was yet to witness the effects of the second jab.Mrs Ofori expressed that she had no effect after both jabs of the vaccine and that it is safe for all.

Mr Aboya also narrated his experience stating that after the first vaccine he experienced slight pains in his arms, dizziness and recovered after a few days. He urged the public to take part in the exercise because there are no severe side effects of the jab as circulated by some Ghanaians

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