As part of efforts to equip some key staff members of the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly to have first-hand knowledge on the Right to Information Act (Act 989) and the process involved to have access to information. Some resource officials from the RTI Division of the Ministry of Information had a sensitization program to educate staff on the implementation of the RTI Act (Act 989) on Wednesday, 26th May 2021.

Some key areas the officials touched on include;

  • know your Right to Access Information from a public institution
  • Know Who to Contact within an Organization for information
  • Know the Time Limits to source for information
  • Know What  to do if You Do Not Have Access to relevant information you want
  • The importance of RTI
  • Structure of the RTI
  • The role of public institution in the implementation of RTI

The Right to Information Act is an Act to provide for the implementation of the constitutional right to information held by a public institution, subject to the exemptions that are necessary and consistent with the protection of the public interest in a democratic society, to foster a culture of transparency and accountability in Public affairs and provide for related matters.

The act was proposed by a private entity in 1999 till 2019 when it was assessed and became effective in 2020.

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