The MCE together with his team visited Air Force Ghana Headquarters and meeting was held at the office of the chief of Air staff, Air vice Marshall Frank Hanson’s office. The team was privileged to have the Chief Director Air Commodore J.A Ashrifie of the ministry in their midst. Nii Maale the corporate relations officer introduced the team and the MCE. He then stated purpose of meeting which he said was to deepen the relationship between the Assembly and the organization

The chief of Air staff then took over and gave the meeting a warm welcome. He congratulated the MCE, expresses his gratitude for the invitation and meeting, he then assured the MCE that they would visit the Assembly on their next meeting. He assured the assembly of their support in the various forms notably in areas of sanitation and security. He said that he had confidence in leadership and was ready to reciprocate the act.

The MCE expressed similar sentiments and referred to the sanitation remarks made by the air force Chief about various ways which can help the Assembly deal with sanitation issues.  He also touched on the Tom and Jerry relationship that has existed between the people of La and the military and called for an improved relationship. He reminded them on the need to obtain permit from the assembly before putting up structures  in the municipality and further said, all those who have started putting up structures should get close to him in the office to enable him help them to regularize their papers and permits.

The MCE and his team were privileged with a full presentation of the operations of the Ghana Air force. He was presented with a shield and some souvenirs. After the presentation photographs were taken to mark the day.


Our next visit was the Ghana Naval base where the MCE was warmly welcomed. The MCE spoke to them and emphasized on the tenant/landlord relationship and called for a cordial relationship between the military and the people of La. He was presented with a plaque to commemorate the visit. Present at the meeting was Cadre Gl Blessing, Naval Capt Ayelanzono, Naval Capt. Osei and Cadre Ethan.

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