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The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly on Friday June 9, 2023 plated 5,000 seedlings across the municipality as part of the activities to mark the Green Ghana Day.

The Municipal Chief Executive for La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly Rev. Solomon Kotey Nikoi planted the first young branch at the assembly’s premises followed by the Deputy Director Mr Henry Zengers and the Assembly Members

Speaking on the theme ‘OUR FOREST OUR HEALTH’, the MCE Solomon Kotey Nikoi called on all stakeholders to actively participate in the exercise and fully take concern of the seedlings planted. He said the future of La and that of Ghana hang on how well the citizenry will look after the seedlings. He urged stakeholders to stop cutting down trees as a basis of energy.

On her part, Mrs Emelia Monney, the director for Agric said her outfit in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) and other relevant department and units under the assembly are to persistently monitor the development of the seedlings and offer any technical backing to any member in the community to enable the trees to establish well.

She mentioned that prior to the exercise the assembly had embarked on an awareness creation to prepare residents on the exercise and how to monitor and upkeep for the seedlings.

She call on residents to come for the seedlings. Some of the trees planted were Mahogany, avocado, coconut, mango, lemon, orange rain trees, and others.

Mr Henry Zengers the deputy director of the assembly point out that the planting of the trees is to tackle the climate crisis. He advised the citizenry to value the importance of trees or faced the consequences of their own act.


The Municipal Planning Coordinating Unit of the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly has visited a number of the assembly’s key project sites for the second quarter of 2023.

Sites visited included the Construction of a 3- storey 18- unit classroom block with landscaping at the La Wireless Cluster of Schools, a 2-storey 6-unit classroom block with ancillary facilities and landscaping at the La Salem Presbyterian Primary School. Others are a 400 meters 0.9 U-drain at the Airport Police Barracks, the rehabilitation and re-roofing of basic schools in South La and the staff canteen.  

The coordinating director of the assembly, Mr Daniel Nkrumah mentioned that for the last decade the assembly has exhibited a sterling record of accomplishment of accounting to the stakeholders by continually improving. The remains as one of the finest assemblies in the country with a significant growth of development that have guided all activities for the years.Mr Asi Amah of the Urban roads department stated that the 400 meters 0.9 U- drain coast about Gh₵ 695.000.00 with the funding sourced from DACF. He said the drain when completed would address the perennial flooding in the area. He added that the assembly took care of issues affecting the communities by providing them with their needs.

At the La Wireless Cluster of Schools and the La Salem Presbyterian Primary, Mr Richard Sowah estimated work done to be 85% and 95% representatively from Works department.

According to Mr Richard Sowah, the La Salem Presbyterian Primary School would soon be handed over by the contractor. He confirmed that the funding sourced for the project was from DACF and RFG.

The contractor, Ellbus Company Limited was on site at the time when the team visited the area and was happy to meet the monitoring team while on site. Members of the monitoring team were provided with the opportunity to question and discuss issues on the projects.  Responding to questions from the members of the MPCU, the supervising consultant of the school project, the Works engineer from the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly said he  was very much impressed with the quality of work done and said the result was due to constant supervisory given to the contractor and cordial relationship that exist between the two.



Mr Solomon Kotey Nikoi, the Municipal Chief Executive of La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) has assured the people of La in the Greater Accra Region of the assembly’s commitment to alleviate incidence of flooding to protect lives and properties in the municipality.Mr Solomon Kotey Nikoi gave the assurance at this year’s Town Hall Meeting held at Sophia McKeon Auditorium-La on Wednesday April 26, 2023 under the theme: ‘ Accounting to the people: Responsibility in ensuring flood-free municipality’.

The MCE said, as a sign of goodwill for the people, the assembly has decided to include stakeholders in the strategy to ensure a flood-free municipality. Mr Solomon Kotey Nikoi mentioned that the urban areas face unprecedented problems of widening income inequality and increase vulnerability to disaster and climate change, which the municipality have experienced recurring flood Mr Solomon Kotey Nikoi revealed that, poor sanitation and drainage infrastructure, overcrowding, and tax regulatory compliance regarding sanitation drainage and waste management area the result of the flooding. He said in the wake of this, the GARID projects under the funding by the World Bank is to strengthen the national capitals resilience with the initial phase lasting five years from 2020 to 2025.

Responding, the MCE of LaDMA Mr Solomon Kotey described the assembly continuous performance as team work with fulfilment of the vision to bring governance closer to the doorsteps of the people to attract both local and foreign investors to invest into the municipality.

According to Mr Solomon Kotey, the MCE of LaDMA, the implementation of the religious revenue improvement action plan, the continuous updating of the existing data, the establishment of additional revenue points and the innovation of collector mechanisms to reduce cost of collection was hallmark of the assembly’s thrive story.

Mr Solomon Kotey Nikoi the Municipal Chief Executive of LaDMA mentioned that, the 2023 town hall meeting is aimed at providing the citizens with the platform for open dialogue to express concerns. He said in 2022, the assembly embarked on a number of initiatives and projects on government flagship initiatives, social intervention initiatives, and physical development across the municipality.

LaDMA Strengthens the Sub-Structures

The La Dade Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) in February 2022 reorganized its two Zonal Councils to improve its services and better serve the people. The Councils were created to decentralize decision-making and provide effective representation to the communities in the municipality.

The reorganization involved the election of Council Chairs who will serve a two-year term in office. The elected Council Chairs are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring effective communication and collaboration between the Assembly and the communities in their respective zones.

The move by LaDMA to reorganize its Zonal Councils is part of its efforts to decentralize decision-making and improve service delivery to the people. The Zonal Councils play a critical role in ensuring that the voices of the people are heard, and their needs are addressed.

The Councils provide a platform for community members to engage with their leaders and discuss issues affecting their communities. They also work closely with the Assembly to identify and prioritize development projects in their respective zones.

The reorganization of the Zonal Councils is a clear indication of LaDMA’s commitment to promoting good governance and ensuring that the people’s needs are met. By providing effective representation and decentralizing decision-making, the Assembly is working towards creating a more inclusive and responsive government.

The newly elected Council Chairs are expected to work closely with the Assembly and the communities in their respective zones to identify and address their development needs. They will also serve as a bridge between the people and the Assembly, ensuring that the people’s voices are heard and their needs are met.

In conclusion, the reorganization of LaDMA’s Zonal Councils is a step in the right direction towards promoting good governance and ensuring that the people’s needs are met. The Councils provide an avenue for community members to engage with their leaders and contribute to the development of their communities. With the newly elected Council Chairs in place, the Assembly is poised to provide more effective representation and better serve the people of La Dade Kotopon Municipality.


The Municipal Chief Executive of La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) Mr Solomon Kotey Nikoi bemoans the attitude of staff towards work and urged heads of departments and Units to ensure that staff adhere to the clock-in and out policy.The MCE made this call at this year’s staff durbar held on Thursday December 22, 2022 at the forecourt of the municipal assembly.

Mr Solomon Kotey Nikoi mentioned that management has decided to better the lives of the Internally Generated Fund (IGF) staff by moving them from 2015 salary structure to 2018 structure due to the state of the economy.He said the assembly’s performance for 2021 was unprecedented, and that the assembly was adjudged first in the 2021 performance contract. He said to maintain the position for a long time, it needs hard work and commitment to the course of the assembly’s duty.

Speaking on the local government performance appraisal instrument and performance contract, Mr Daniel Nkrumah, the municipal coordinating director, urged staff to ensure that their heads appraise them on time. He cautioned heads of department and Units heads against the delay appraising of the staff. He said it is bad practice that the Human Resource Department will have to remind heads before doing the right thing.

Mr Daniel Nkrumah encouraged staff to be at post by 8: am and close at 5: pm. He advised heads of departments and Units to query absentees and lateness.The assembly honoured three staff for their hard work for the year 2021. Mr Henry Quartey, an assistant security officer station at the Morning Star School was awarded for the best worker 2021. The second best went Mr Enoch Donkor, an assistant security officer station at El-Wak annex while the third best award went to Mr Shadrack Tetteh, an assistant computer operator.


The issue of women’s representation in government and politics has been a major concern for many countries across the globe. In Ghana, the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development, in collaboration with the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) and other stakeholders, has organized a program aimed at sensitizing women on the need to take up leadership roles in their various communities. The purpose of this program is to find solutions to why women shy away from politics, create awareness on the need for women to actively participate in all forms of election, advocate for women’s rights, educate women to do away with all forms of religious, cultural, social, and ethnic barriers against women’s participation in local governance, and encourage women’s participation at the local government level.

In the 1960s, it was discovered that women were the backbone of the agrarian economy, which focused mostly on peasant farming to feed the family and sell the rest. Women and children did most of the farm work, yet their efforts were not recognized, and they were relegated to the kitchen. Women were referred to as productive and reproductive agents, which prompted Esther Boserups to publish a paper on the inequalities and injustices women faced. This led to the Women in Development (WID) agenda, which sought to address women’s concerns. However, the approach failed to cater to men, leading to the birth of Women in Development (WAD). The Gender and Development (GAD) approach bridged the gap between men and women politically, socially, and economically.

Governance is concerned with the structure and processes involved in decision-making, accountability, control, and behavior of entities’ top. The principles of good governance include participatory, rule of law, transparency, responsiveness, consensus-oriented, equity and inclusiveness, effectiveness, and efficiency. The arms of government are the Executive (President), Legislature (lawmaking), and Judiciary (Supreme/Lower court). Women’s political participation is a prerequisite for gender equality and genuine democracy. It facilitates women’s direct engagement in public decision-making and ensures better accountability to women.

The hindrances to women’s participation include lack of knowledge, time, family problems, money, marital status, age, poverty, and illiteracy.

To encourage women’s participation, more girls should be encouraged to go and remain in school, women should be educated on their rights, their confidence and capacity should be built, funding should be provided, gender equality should be championed, measures should be adopted that ensure women are reserved some seats in governing institutions, working across party lines through parliamentary women’s causes, and championing issues of gender equality such as elimination of gender-based violence.

Most of the participants contributed immensely with questions and answers. Some men questioned why the department is focusing on women and children and not men. The participants promised to encourage their fellow women to send their female children to school and ensure they remain in school by providing their needs.

A total of 111 people attended the program, comprising 96 females and 15 males. The implementation of the collaboration program was successful, and the staff and administration of LaDMA are commended.


On Friday, 2nd December 2022, the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) celebrated the 38th edition of the annual Farmers Day at the forecourt of the Ghana International Trade Fair Center. The theme for this year’s event was “Accelerating Agricultural Development Through Value Addition.”

The celebration was organized to honor farmers and fisherfolk for their contributions to the nation’s food security and agricultural sector growth. LaDMA set up a Farmers’ Day Celebrations Planning Committee with members nominated from various departments to ensure the success of the program. Sub-committees were also created to undertake specific roles, and a report of their activities is attached as an annex to the draft report.

The celebration was graced by about 200 people, including the Member of Parliament, Hon. Rita Odoley Sowah, the Hon. MCE Rev. Solomon Kotey Nikoi, Traditional Leaders, Heads of Clan Houses of La, Religious Leaders, members of the media, dignitaries, security agencies, farmers, fisherfolk, families of farmers and fisherfolk, Hon. Assembly Members, Unit Committee Members, Heads of Department and staff of the Assembly, and the general public.

The celebration began with an opening prayer led by Rev. Daniel Tsumasi Yeboah, the General Overseer-Bible Chapel International Church, followed by the recital of the National Pledge by all present. Lawyer Frank Davies, Esq. was introduced as the Chairman for the occasion, and he accepted the role, expressing gratitude for being chosen among many others.

The Municipal Director of Agriculture welcomed everyone to the function and shared the department’s achievements during the year and projections for the coming year. The overall best farmer for the year 2022 used the opportunity to congratulate his fellow competitors for their hard work towards agriculture within the Municipality. He urged his fellow farmers to make farming lucrative to attract the youth into the sector to achieve the government’s aim of promoting youth in agriculture.

The MCE led the dignitaries to inspect the exhibition stands set up by the farmers in display of foodstuffs and livestock amid musical interlude. In the MCE’s keynote address, he congratulated all farmers, fisherfolk, and other value chain actors for their vital roles in providing food for consumption and raw materials for industry.

The Hon. MCE indicated that, the municipality is shifting focus from primary production to post-harvest handling and processing of agricultural produce, given the high demand for land for other purposes. The municipality is providing trainings and facilitations to encourage farmers to venture into processing and other alternative investments to improve their living conditions.

The celebration was a success, and LaDMA remains committed to supporting farmers, fisherfolk, and other value chain actors in the provision of food security and the growth of the agricultural sector.


The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (Ladma) on Saturday December 3, 2022 marked the national sanitation day across the ten electoral areas. The assembly over the years has been undertaking the exercise to improve sanitation issues in the municipality.

The assembly members, staff, and community members took part in the exercise. The MCE for LaDMA, Mr Solomon Kotey Nikoi said the monthly sanitation day has come to stay and it is important that members of the municipality keep their environment clean to avoid communicable diseases. He asked the citizenry to value their lives by ensuring that their surroundings are clean.The MCE mentioned that the sanitation officers would arrest and prosecute offenders of the sanitation byelaws.

LaDMA Welcomes MMDA on 2022 Budget Hearing.

LaDMA welcomed five MMDAs from the Greater Accra Region for the presentation of the 2023 composite budget on October 2022. The meeting was well attended, and the atmosphere was cordial as officials discussed various issues relating to the budget.

The meeting was chaired by the MCE of LaDMA, Hon. Solomon Niikoi, who welcomed the MMDAs to the Municipality. He expressed his gratitude to the MMDAs for coming and commended them for their commitment to working together to improve the lives of the people in the region.

The MCE also thanked the staff of LaDMA who worked tirelessly to organize the event and ensure its success. He reiterated the commitment of the Municipality to promoting transparency and accountability in its activities.

During the meeting, various issues were discussed, including revenue generation, infrastructure development, sanitation, and education. The MMDAs were given the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback on the budget.

Overall, the meeting was a success, and the MMDAs were pleased with the progress made by LaDMA. They expressed their commitment to working together to ensure the development of the region and improve the lives of its people.


The La Dade Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) held a youth parliament in November 2022, which aimed to provide a platform for young people to express their views on important issues affecting their communities. The event was attended by students from various schools in the municipality and provided an opportunity for them to engage in constructive dialogue with policymakers and decision-makers.

The theme for the youth parliament was “Youth Participation in Local Governance: The Role of Young People in Promoting Development.” It was aimed at empowering young people to become active citizens and to play an active role in shaping the development of their communities.

During the event, the youth delegates discussed a wide range of issues, including youth unemployment, education, health, sanitation, and security. They also shared their ideas on how to improve the delivery of services to the youth and other vulnerable groups in the municipality.

The youth parliament was a resounding success, and the participants were commended for their insightful contributions and active participation. The LaDMA officials promised to incorporate some of the ideas generated during the event into their policies and programs aimed at promoting youth development in the municipality.

The event also provided an opportunity for the young people to network and build relationships with other youth leaders in the municipality. It is hoped that this will foster collaboration and inspire the youth to work together to address common challenges and contribute to the development of their communities.

In conclusion, the LaDMA youth parliament is a clear demonstration of the Assembly’s commitment to promoting youth participation in local governance and development. It is a step in the right direction, and it is hoped that more initiatives like this will be organized in the future to further empower the youth to become active citizens and agents of change in their communities.