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Hon. Solomon Kotey Nikoi Kicks Off Green Ghana Day with Tree Planting Ceremony


The Municipal Chief Executive of the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA), Hon. Solomon Kotey Nikoi, has urged citizens to protect the environment by planting trees and refraining from dumping and burning refuse in unauthorized areas. He highlighted the detrimental impact of these practices on the climate and public health.

Hon. Kotey Nikoi conveyed this message while planting the first coconut sapling at La Beach in the Greater Accra Region to inaugurate Green Ghana Day. Joining him in this environmental initiative were Coordinating Director Mr. Daniel Nkrumah, Municipal Works Director Mr. Richard Ben Debrah, Hon. Rita Odoley Sowah, MP for La, and several LaDMA department heads, who also planted seedlings to mark the occasion.

Mr. Nkrumah encouraged all stakeholders to actively participate in the tree-planting exercise and take full responsibility for nurturing the seedlings. He emphasized that the country’s future depends on how well its citizens protect and care for these young trees.


Local Community Educated on Fire Safety Measures


The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Office of NADMO, in collaboration with the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), conducted a fire safety sensitization program for drivers, traders, and food vendors at the 37 Lorry Station. This initiative aimed to address the persistent fire outbreaks in the municipality.

Mr. Richard Nimpark, a Safety Officer from the Ghana National Fire Service at the Ghana International Trade Fair, addressed the participants. He highlighted that illegal electrical connections, counterfeit electrical gadgets, outdated gas regulators, overfilled gas cylinders, and vehicle fuel tanks are major causes of fire outbreaks. He urged everyone to be vigilant about these fire hazards.


Mr. Ebenezer Asare, Chief Assistant Control Officer of NADMO’s Regional Operation Division, advised participants to stay indoors during heavy rains. He mentioned that driving on flooded roads has led to many fatalities and cautioned drivers to avoid such actions. He also advised participants to switch off their mobile phones, televisions, and other electrical gadgets and avoid bathing during storms due to the high risk of electrical hazards. He urged residents in flood-prone areas to evacuate during heavy rains to ensure their safety.

Participants were taught firefighting techniques and advised to use the correct equipment at home, workplaces, and in vehicles. They were encouraged to contact the GNFS and NADMO promptly during any fire emergencies to help save lives and property.

LaDMA is Committed to Implementing All Approved Programs and Projects

Hon. Solomon Kotey Nikoi, the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Chief Executive, has announced that the assembly will organize a 5-day town hall meeting on Public Financial Management. He made this announcement during a meeting with stakeholders, emphasizing the theme ‘Accounting to the people; our responsibility in ensuring a flood-free municipality,’ which reflects LaDMA’s commitment to preventing flood-related losses. He made the call at the Church of Pentecost Trader Fair Assembly, La.

The town hall meeting will be held in all 10 electoral areas across five venues, with the first ceremony marking the start. This approach aims to increase citizen participation, according to the MCE.

During his address, Hon. Kotey Nikoi gave special recognition to the Honourable Assembly Members, particularly highlighting Hon. Helena Fofo Armah, the only elected female assembly member. He also noted the return of 90 percent of assembly members, indicating their strong ties with their electorate.

The MCE mentioned that the assembly has been working closely with traditional rulers, development partners, and Civil Society Organisations to push the development agenda forward. This cooperation has led to several development projects being implemented.

He said the assembly’s major sources of funds include Central Government Transfers, the District Assemblies Common Funds, Donor Grants, and Internally Generated Funds (IGF). He said despite falling short of IGF targets, revenue increased compared to the previous years, he noted. According to the MCE, the assembly successfully implemented 99 out of 102 activities in the 2023 Annual Action Plan, demonstrating effective planning and execution. He said several infrastructure projects, including drain construction and road resealing, have been completed or are ongoing in collaboration with the government of Ghana (GoG).

Hon. Kotey Nikoi also mentioned a street naming exercise planned to improve local revenue and enhance security, with consultations and sensitization ongoing in various communities. He acknowledged the challenges facing the district, including poor sanitation management, youth delinquency, flooding, poor adherence to settlement planning, unlawful activities on streets, boundary disputes, and limited land for physical development. Hon. Solomon Kotey Nikoi expressed the assembly’s determination to implement all approved programs and projects for the betterment of the people of La Dade-Kotopon Municipality. He thanked stakeholders for their support and the Ministry of Local Government, Decentralization, and Rural Development for technical assistance.

Commencement of Renovation for Classroom Block and Construction of Library and Canteen at Manle Dada School

Given that one of the core concerns of the La Dade Kotopon Municipal Assembly is to provide socio-economic development for the people within the Municipality, through effective mobilization and development of fiscal, human, material, and natural resources with stakeholders’ participation, a transformative vision emerged one March morning in 2024. The La Dade Kotopon Municipal Assembly, alongside PHILBRO Properties, unveiled plans to breathe new life into the aging school. With the promise of a renovated classroom block and the addition of a modern library and canteen, hope blossomed anew.

As the clock struck 11 am, anticipation filled the air. Dignitaries, community members, and eager students gathered for the ground-breaking ceremony. The Chief Imam’s prayer set the tone for the day—a harmonious blend of tradition and progress.

Madam Habiba Kotomah, Municipal Director of Education, expressed gratitude to those driving the initiative. The Municipal Works Engineer recounted the journey, highlighting the power of collaboration and resilience.

The assembly member shared the community’s dreams, thanking Mr. Brobbey for his commitment. The CEO of PHILBRO Properties pledged swift completion, fueled by his passion for education.

Hon. Solomon Kotey Nikoi, M.C.E of LaDMA, closed with a call to action, igniting a sense of purpose among attendees. With shovels in hand, they broke ground, ushering in a new era for Maale Dada School.

Amidst cheers and tears, hope took root, promising a brighter future for generations to come. As the sun set, casting its warm glow, Maale Dada School embraced a new dawn—a dawn of promise, possibility, and boundless potential.

Celebrating Ghanaian Heritage: The Success of GOBE Festival@2024

In a vibrant collaboration between Media General Limited and the La Dadekotpon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA), the GOBE Festival@2024 unfolded as a celebration of Ghanaian culture and cuisine. On the 16th of March 2024, the Tetteh Quashie Interchange, adjacent to the bustling Accra Shopping Mall, served as the picturesque backdrop for this one-day extravaganza.
Media General Limited, renowned for operating Ghana’s leading TV3 station, along with other prominent media outlets such as 3FM and, joined hands with LaDMA’s Culture and Tourism Department to orchestrate this memorable event. The festival aimed to spotlight and promote the beloved indigenous dish known as GOBE—a delightful combination of beans, gari, palm oil, and plantains, originating from the Volta Region.

Historical Significance and Educational Endeavors. The GOBE Festival tapped into the rich tapestry of Ghana’s culinary heritage, often intertwined with traditional farming practices and seasonal rhythms. Such festivals not only pay homage to local food cultures but also serve as vital conduits for preserving and revitalizing cultural traditions. Traditionally associated with significant food harvesting periods, modern-day food festivals like GOBE have evolved into dynamic platforms for both cultural commemoration and economic stimulation.
Beyond their cultural significance, food festivals like GOBE play a pivotal role in community engagement and education. By showcasing indigenous dishes and culinary techniques, these events foster a deeper appreciation for local cuisines while also providing opportunities for culinary education and exploration.
In Conclusion: A Flavorful Affair:The GOBE Festival@2024 proved to be a resounding success, drawing together a diverse array of attendees, from families to food enthusiasts, all eager to partake in the festivities. Participants were treated to an array of tantalizing GOBE creations, courtesy of both established eateries and up-and-coming culinary ventures in Accra.

Beyond its gastronomic delights, the festival served as a testament to Media General Limited’s commitment to promoting Ghanaian cultural heritage. By spearheading initiatives like the GOBE Festival, Media General not only celebrates the unique flavors of Ghana but also contributes to the broader cultural and tourism landscape of the nation.
As the echoes of laughter and the aromas of sumptuous dishes lingered in the air, the GOBE Festival@2024 left an indelible mark on all who attended, underscoring the profound connections between food, culture, and community in Ghana.

Embracing Tradition: LaDMA’s Inaugural “LaDMA Goes Traditional” Event

On the 4th of March 2024, the Culture Department of the La Dadekotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) made a significant mark with its inaugural event, aptly titled “LaDMA Goes Traditional.” Held at the premises of the Municipal Assembly, this one-day program aimed to celebrate Ghanaian heritage and culture in all its diversity.
Under the guidance of Mr. Fred Mensah Sewordor, the Municipal Culture Officer, the event welcomed departmental heads and staff from LaDMA. Dressed in vibrant Ghanaian traditional attire representing various regions, attendees gathered to honor the rich tapestry of Ghanaian culture.

The program commenced with a solemn prayer, setting the tone for a day filled with cultural immersion and appreciation. Traditional music filled the air, providing a melodious backdrop to the festivities. A highlight of the event was a spirited photo shoot, capturing the essence of Ghanaian heritage against the backdrop of the Assembly Hall.
In recent years, the importance of tourism as an economic driver has become increasingly evident. Across the globe, tourism serves as a vital source of revenue, investment, and job creation. In Ghana, initiatives such as the “Year of Return” in 2019 and “Beyond the Return” have spotlighted the country’s tourism potential, drawing visitors from far and wide.
Since 2020, the Ghana Tourism Authority, alongside key stakeholders, has been diligently compiling and disseminating comprehensive tourism data. These efforts aim to not only showcase Ghana’s diverse attractions but also to provide valuable insights for industry stakeholders and the public alike.

The “LaDMA Goes Traditional” event encapsulated the spirit of Ghanaian culture, eliciting joy and appreciation from all who attended. As participants immersed themselves in the festivities, they not only celebrated tradition but also reaffirmed the importance of preserving and promoting Ghana’s cultural heritage.
In conclusion, LaDMA’s inaugural cultural event served as a testament to the power of tradition in fostering community cohesion and pride. By embracing Ghana’s rich cultural tapestry, events like “LaDMA Goes Traditional” play a vital role in shaping the identity and narrative of our nation for generations to come.

LaDMA Inducts New Assembly and Unit Committee Members

The introductory ceremony for both the Assembly and Unit Committee members of the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly took place at the assembly’s forecourt on Monday, February 12, 2024. This event followed a successful district-level election held on December 19, 2023. Ten elected assembly members, five government appointees, and fifty Unit Committee members were officially affirmed into office for the 4th La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA). Among them, Mr. Emmanuel Nyarko Baah received 15 votes and was elected as the Presiding Member of the Assembly for the third consecutive time, having stood unopposed.

In his address, Rev. Solomon Kotey Nikoi, the Municipal Chief Executive for the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly, expressed appreciation to the outgoing assembly members and the Unit Committee members. He acknowledged their selflessness, dedication, hard work, and service to the people in the Municipality. Their contributions have significantly contributed to the development of the municipality, and the pivotal role played by assembly members and Unit Committee members in driving development cannot be underestimated.

Rev. Solomon Kotey Nikoi emphasized that the newly elected assembly members, government appointees, and Unit Committee members reflect a true commitment to community service and the trust placed in them. He urged all members to accept their responsibilities and work collaboratively for the development of the municipality.

Furthermore, Hon. Rev. Solomon Kotey Nikoi announced that the management has designed comprehensive strategies for implementing the policies, programs, and activities outlined in the 2024 annual action plan. He called upon the assembly members to collectively strive toward achieving common goals.

According to Rev. Solomon Kotey Nikoi, the assembly has a long-term plan ready for consideration. This plan aims to be a game-changer for the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA). It provides details on the assembly’s short-term, mid-term, and long-term programs. The goal is to enable the assembly to fulfill its mandate over the next 15 years.

Hon. Solomon calls on the assembly members to prioritize the interests and welfare of the citizenry. He emphasizes the need to create jobs and foster development at their doorstep. Additionally, he urges the assembly members to promptly elect their presiding member.

Empowering Women and Youth through Skill Development: A Case Study of La Municipality’s Training Workshop

In line with its social responsibility, the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development in the La Municipality organized a six-week training workshop aimed at equipping women and youth with employable skills. The workshop, held during the quarter under review, focused on areas such as Pastry Making, Make-up, and Decoration, providing participants with valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The primary objectives of the training workshop were to train ninety youth or women in employable skills and to empower the youth and women of La Municipality. Through practical training and hands-on experience, participants were expected to gain valuable skills that could enhance their employability and socioeconomic status.

Before the commencement of the training, the department reached out to the general public, urging interested individuals to register for the workshop. Equal opportunities were provided to various groups, including dressmakers, hairdressers, and women and youth groups, to participate in the training. Orientation sessions were conducted, and the training officially began on November 3rd, 2023, with the support and encouragement of municipal leaders and stakeholders.

The training sessions were conducted by experienced trainers who developed a comprehensive Training Manual to guide the teaching process. Participants were closely monitored, and their attendance and performance were recorded throughout the training period. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants were assessed through basic and general questions to evaluate their understanding of the course material.

Despite facing challenges such as attendance issues among elderly participants and financial constraints, the training workshop achieved significant success. A total of eighty-six participants successfully completed the program, demonstrating their commitment to learning and personal development. The promise of further opportunities, such as registration for the National Vocational and Technical Institute Examination (NVTI) and internship placements, serves as an incentive for participants to continue their journey towards self-improvement.

Several challenges were encountered during the implementation of the training workshop, including attendance issues, cleanliness concerns at the venue, and financial constraints. These challenges highlight the importance of addressing logistical and operational issues to ensure the smooth running of similar programs in the future.

To enhance the effectiveness of future training workshops, it is recommended to allocate adequate funding and introduce measures such as bench markers to promote participant accountability. Additionally, attachment programs should be introduced to provide participants with practical experience in their respective fields, further enhancing their employability and skill development.

In conclusion, the training workshop organized by the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development in the La Municipality serves as a testament to the commitment to empowering women and youth through skill development initiatives. By addressing challenges and implementing recommendations, similar programs can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of participants and contribute to the overall socioeconomic development of the municipality.




The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) has honoured its gallant Farmers for 2023. The 39th National farmers’ day replicated in the District was held at the Forecourt of the La Traditional Council under the theme: Delivering Smart Solutions for Sustainable Food Security and Resilience. Madam Julia Judith Frempong- Manso a professional teacher from Burma Camp was adjudged the overall best farmer and presented with a Motorbike, 32-inch Television set, one Knapsack sprayer, Full piece cloth, and a certificate.

Other Eight deserving hardworking farmers were also presented with awards in various categories. Addressing the gathering, Madam Julia Judith Frempong-Manso mentioned that dedication and hard work reward. She said farming is a worthwhile business and urged the youth and unemployed in the Municipality to venture into that area.

She condemned the conception that farming is a punishment. Madam Julia Judith Frempong-Manso mentioned that her husband Colonel Frempong-Manso started the fish farming. She continued that, fish farming is very difficult and capital intensive but the reward is very great. She dedicated the award to her husband and supporting staff.

Mr Solomon Kotey Nikoi, the Municipal Chief Executive of LaDMA announced that the Assembly was declared National Second-Best in the Public Financial Management (PFM) compliance in the 2023 assessment conducted by the Internal Audit Agency of Ghana. Mr Solomon Kotey Nikoi said this attests the Assembly’s firm commitment to transparency, accountability, and good governance. He said the achievement would motivate the Assembly to do more in the years to come.

Mrs Emelia Monney, the Municipal Director of Agriculture mentioned that the Agric Department and Municipal Authority have been implementing Government policies on Agric with the support of the Canadian Government. She said that under the years, the sector has been implementing the Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ). She continued that the sector has provided consistent extension services and trainings for different stakeholders along the agric value chain and has facilitated linkages between stakeholders.

According to Mrs Emelia Monney, the Agric Department in collaboration with the poultry sector was able to bring bird flu under control. She said this was done through vaccinations for poultry, and anti-rabies vaccines administered for pets and ruminants on regular basis as well as distribution of agrochemicals to crop farmers. Mrs Emelia Monney therefore stated that, the Agric Department collaborated with the Department of Cooperatives and Ghana Enterprises Agency to bring financial literacy and business expertise to some of the farmers and farm association. She assured the gathering that the Agric Department will continue to provide extension services to the farmers and other stakeholder along the food value chain.

He said the Farmers’ Day celebration presents another opportunity to honour the gallant farmers and agribusiness workers for the starring role they play to safeguard continual national development and the food security of the populaces.

According to the MCE, the Assembly’s commitment to providing innovative and forward-thinking solutions in Agriculture has become important than before in the face of over-evolving challenges. Mr Solomon Kotey Nikoi, added that the theme for the celebration has become more relevant because experts have acknowledged that food security, sustainability and resilience is becoming a serious threat to humanity, particularly for the developing countries.

He said for the Assembly to achieve sustainable food security and resilience, his pertinent to invest in education and training of the Municipal farmers, to empower them with knowledge and skills needed to adopt smart farming practices.

The MCE said that, in pursuit of Smart Solution for Sustainable food security in the Country, the Government of Ghana led by the President Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo Addo has launched the second phase of planting for food and jobs. He said the second phase would focus on sustainable methods of financing fertilizer and seeds for farmers instead of the subsidy. 


The Municipal Education Director, Madam Habiba Kotomah has rallied schoolchildren and the citizenry of the La Dade-Kotopon Municipality to adhere to proper practices.

She made this call during the World Toilet Day Celebration held at the Tenashie Junior High School on Wednesday November 18, 2023.

The event organised by the Municipal Education Directorate on theme: Accelerating Change, is to highlight the dangers of open defecation among others and how to prevent them.

The event brought together schoolchildren and facilitators from difference schools, residents, and staff from the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly amongst others.

Madam Habiba Kotomah also called on the facilitators and the schoolchildren to collaborate with stakeholders in the Municipality to help reduce the menace of open defecation in the schools and the communities.

She expressed concern that, if open defecation continues at the school’s enclave and the communities by both schoolchildren and the citizenry, it will pose danger to health. Madam Habiba Kotomah therefore described the observation of the World Toilet Day at the school with the children as appropriate and urged the facilitators and the children to be good ambassadors for the facilities to stand the test of its purpose.

Madam Habiba Kotomah emphasised the important role the toilet facilities in the schools have played in the fight against open defecation, spreading of communicable disease among others. She said, through a donor’s partnership with the Government of Ghana to accelerate and sustain the change needed, numerous schools in Ghana have benefited from the new toilet facilities with changing rooms which have contributed to the improvement of school attendance, especially amongst menstruating girls.

Madam Habiba Kotomah announced that the Ghana statistical service data released in 2021 shows an improved access to toilet facilities from 51% to 70% and that has reduced open defecation in schools and communities in Ghana.

The World Toilet Day is observed on November 19 of each calendar year to sensitise people on the need to have access to toilet and its maintenance and cleanliness to avoid spreading of communicable infection.

In other to accelerate and sustain the change needed, Madam Habiba Kotomah held that, regular public education must be conducted to ensure continuous maintenance and cleanliness of the school toilet facilities. She mentioned that the observation of the World Toilet Day is for education and sensitization among school population to achieve SDG 6 in Ghana.