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Local Community Educated on Fire Safety Measures


The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Office of NADMO, in collaboration with the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), conducted a fire safety sensitization program for drivers, traders, and food vendors at the 37 Lorry Station. This initiative aimed to address the persistent fire outbreaks in the municipality.

Mr. Richard Nimpark, a Safety Officer from the Ghana National Fire Service at the Ghana International Trade Fair, addressed the participants. He highlighted that illegal electrical connections, counterfeit electrical gadgets, outdated gas regulators, overfilled gas cylinders, and vehicle fuel tanks are major causes of fire outbreaks. He urged everyone to be vigilant about these fire hazards.


Mr. Ebenezer Asare, Chief Assistant Control Officer of NADMO’s Regional Operation Division, advised participants to stay indoors during heavy rains. He mentioned that driving on flooded roads has led to many fatalities and cautioned drivers to avoid such actions. He also advised participants to switch off their mobile phones, televisions, and other electrical gadgets and avoid bathing during storms due to the high risk of electrical hazards. He urged residents in flood-prone areas to evacuate during heavy rains to ensure their safety.

Participants were taught firefighting techniques and advised to use the correct equipment at home, workplaces, and in vehicles. They were encouraged to contact the GNFS and NADMO promptly during any fire emergencies to help save lives and property.

Commencement of Renovation for Classroom Block and Construction of Library and Canteen at Manle Dada School

Given that one of the core concerns of the La Dade Kotopon Municipal Assembly is to provide socio-economic development for the people within the Municipality, through effective mobilization and development of fiscal, human, material, and natural resources with stakeholders’ participation, a transformative vision emerged one March morning in 2024. The La Dade Kotopon Municipal Assembly, alongside PHILBRO Properties, unveiled plans to breathe new life into the aging school. With the promise of a renovated classroom block and the addition of a modern library and canteen, hope blossomed anew.

As the clock struck 11 am, anticipation filled the air. Dignitaries, community members, and eager students gathered for the ground-breaking ceremony. The Chief Imam’s prayer set the tone for the day—a harmonious blend of tradition and progress.

Madam Habiba Kotomah, Municipal Director of Education, expressed gratitude to those driving the initiative. The Municipal Works Engineer recounted the journey, highlighting the power of collaboration and resilience.

The assembly member shared the community’s dreams, thanking Mr. Brobbey for his commitment. The CEO of PHILBRO Properties pledged swift completion, fueled by his passion for education.

Hon. Solomon Kotey Nikoi, M.C.E of LaDMA, closed with a call to action, igniting a sense of purpose among attendees. With shovels in hand, they broke ground, ushering in a new era for Maale Dada School.

Amidst cheers and tears, hope took root, promising a brighter future for generations to come. As the sun set, casting its warm glow, Maale Dada School embraced a new dawn—a dawn of promise, possibility, and boundless potential.


As part of the activities to mark Ghana’s 67th Independence Day anniversary, two students from Garrison JHS, Burma Camp, who received presidential awards in 2022 and were adjudged the best students in the Greater Accra Region, and one student from Services Primary and JHS (Burma Camp) who received the presidential award in 2023, were honored. The overall best 2023 WASSCE candidate in Ghana and the second-best in West Africa, a product of Labone Senior High School, was also honored by the assembly.

Presenting the awards to the students, the MCE for La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly, Honourable Solomon Kotey Nikoi, assured that the assembly would continue to provide the necessary infrastructure facilities and teaching and learning materials to support schools in the municipality, enhancing effective teaching and learning to produce more promising students. Hon. Solomon Kotey Nikoi urged parents to invest more in their children’s education for a better future. He lamented the neglect of children by some parents, leading to issues such as crime, streetism, drugs, and other negative impacts on society. He called for stakeholder consultations to address these issues.

Enhancing Development Control and Infrastructure: A Comprehensive Review of Municipal Efforts

Development control plays a crucial role in shaping urban landscapes and ensuring sustainable growth within municipalities. In this article, we provide an insightful overview of recent development control activities and infrastructure initiatives undertaken by the La Municipality, highlighting the commitment to fostering orderly development and improving public services.

Development Control Activities:
Over the review period, the La Municipality diligently conducted development control activities to enforce regulatory standards and address unauthorized construction. Notably, thirty-eight developers received warning letters for non-compliance, while eleven were brought before the La Magistrate court for building without permits. This proactive approach underscores the municipality’s dedication to upholding building regulations and safeguarding community interests, particularly in areas like East La.

Furthermore, in response to encroachments along Laboma Beach, the municipality, in collaboration with High Court officials, issued injunction notices to halt ongoing developments. Despite warnings and legal mandates outlined in the Local Governance Act 2016 and Building Regulations 2022, some developers persisted in their activities, necessitating decisive action to preserve public spaces and uphold regulatory frameworks.

In addition, a coordinated operation involving the National Security and Ghana Police Service successfully addressed issues of street vending and unauthorized activities within the Airport enclave. This joint effort has resulted in improved urban aesthetics and enhanced pedestrian mobility, contributing to a safer and more welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike.

Infrastructure Initiatives:
In parallel with development control activities, the La Municipality has embarked on various infrastructure projects to meet the growing needs of its populace. Notably, the rebranding of the LaDMA directional sign into a three-dimensional (3D) structure signifies a commitment to modernizing urban signage and enhancing wayfinding for residents and visitors.

Moreover, ongoing development projects within the municipality, including educational and administrative facilities, demonstrate a concerted effort to improve service delivery and community infrastructure. Of particular significance is the construction of the La General Hospital, a 164-bed healthcare facility funded by the Government of Ghana and overseen by Messrs Polychanga Overseas Engineering Company Limited. A recent site meeting involving key stakeholders underscored progress on this vital project, reflecting collaborative efforts to enhance healthcare access and delivery within the municipality.












Const. of 3-storey 18-unit Classroom block with ancillary facilities

La Wireless Cluster of Schools


Gable level





Const. of 3-unit classroom block with ancillary facilities


La Salem JHS

Completed and commissioned in October

In use



Rehab. of 3-unit classroom block with office and staff common room

South La Estate JHS

Completed and commissioned in October

In use




Const. of Staff Canteen


LaDMA Office


6-tables 12-benches supplied






Const. of stores/cold room/data office


LaDMA Office







Rehab. of 2-storey 3-unit classroom block

La St. Mauris A&B JHS

Painting works commences

Fence wall plastered





Rehab. of African Unity Primary School

Maale Dada

Roofing members in position





Rehab. of Junior High School with Library


Maale Dada

Substructure works for the library

Structural works ongoing for the main building


In conclusion, the La Municipality’s proactive approach to development control and infrastructure development reflects a commitment to sustainable urban management and community welfare. By enforcing regulatory standards, addressing unauthorized construction, and investing in critical infrastructure projects, the municipality aims to create a conducive environment for economic growth and social well-being. Moving forward, continued collaboration between government agencies, stakeholders, and the community will be essential to realizing the municipality’s vision for inclusive and resilient urban development.


The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Director for Education, Madam Habiba Kotomah, has specified that plans are underway to institute an award for dedicated and gallant teachers in the municipality in the coming year. She said this would encourage the teaching staff in the municipality to show commitment to their field.

She emphasized that education has played a pivotal role in the development and progress of the country. According to Madam Habiba, education is not only about acquiring knowledge but also the foundation stone of empowerment, equality, and opportunities to unlock the potential of the youth and equip them with the needed skills and know-how. She made this call during the Municipal Ghana’s 67th Independence Anniversary Celebration held at the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre, La.
Madam Habiba Kotomah urged Ghanaians to harness the power of education to build a more comprehensive, prosperous, and sustainable Ghana, where every citizen can fulfill their potential and contribute significantly to the nation’s progress. She admonished Ghanaians to always reflect upon the sacrifices made by the forefathers to defend and protect the freedom the country enjoys. She emphasized that being the first sub-Saharan African country to gain independence marks a significant moment in the history of the country that must be protected.


The Municipal Education Director, Madam Habiba Kotomah has rallied schoolchildren and the citizenry of the La Dade-Kotopon Municipality to adhere to proper practices.

She made this call during the World Toilet Day Celebration held at the Tenashie Junior High School on Wednesday November 18, 2023.

The event organised by the Municipal Education Directorate on theme: Accelerating Change, is to highlight the dangers of open defecation among others and how to prevent them.

The event brought together schoolchildren and facilitators from difference schools, residents, and staff from the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly amongst others.

Madam Habiba Kotomah also called on the facilitators and the schoolchildren to collaborate with stakeholders in the Municipality to help reduce the menace of open defecation in the schools and the communities.

She expressed concern that, if open defecation continues at the school’s enclave and the communities by both schoolchildren and the citizenry, it will pose danger to health. Madam Habiba Kotomah therefore described the observation of the World Toilet Day at the school with the children as appropriate and urged the facilitators and the children to be good ambassadors for the facilities to stand the test of its purpose.

Madam Habiba Kotomah emphasised the important role the toilet facilities in the schools have played in the fight against open defecation, spreading of communicable disease among others. She said, through a donor’s partnership with the Government of Ghana to accelerate and sustain the change needed, numerous schools in Ghana have benefited from the new toilet facilities with changing rooms which have contributed to the improvement of school attendance, especially amongst menstruating girls.

Madam Habiba Kotomah announced that the Ghana statistical service data released in 2021 shows an improved access to toilet facilities from 51% to 70% and that has reduced open defecation in schools and communities in Ghana.

The World Toilet Day is observed on November 19 of each calendar year to sensitise people on the need to have access to toilet and its maintenance and cleanliness to avoid spreading of communicable infection.

In other to accelerate and sustain the change needed, Madam Habiba Kotomah held that, regular public education must be conducted to ensure continuous maintenance and cleanliness of the school toilet facilities. She mentioned that the observation of the World Toilet Day is for education and sensitization among school population to achieve SDG 6 in Ghana.


Association Community Model School, the 2023 District Inter Junior Schools Quiz Competition

The Association Community Model School has won the 2023 district inter Junior High Schools quiz competition finals held at Tenashie Junior High School with 47 points, the first runner- up 5BN JHS with 34 points and Tenashie JHS the host school came third with 33 points after the third rounds of contest.

Organised by the Assembly’s National Commission of Civic Education (NCCE) on the theme: Thirty years of consolidating Constitutional Democracy; Building National cohesion through Civic Education and participation in Local Governance. This was to test the pupils understanding of the constitution.

The winner for the competition, Association Community Model School was presented with a Plaque, copies of the constitution, certificates of participation and books to contestants and their patrons. The first and the second runner-up were presented with a plaque, copies of the constitution, and certificates to contestant’s patrons.

The participating schools were the Tenashie JHS, 5BN Junior High School, Wireless ‘5’ Junior High School, Enobal Junior High School, Air Force JHS, and Association Community Model School.

The Quiz Competition hail as ‘Smart Governors Constitution Quiz Competition’, which seeks to project, and promote the significance of the 1992 Republican Constitution to the youth and instil in them the intellect of civic responsibility for national development. Mr Emmanuel Mettle the director of NCCE mentioned that the annual event also pursues to lure active citizenship from the Basic school pupils to enable them to play a part in the promoting and supporting Ghana’s democracy.

The chair of the occasion, Alhaji Abdul Aziz Osang urged the pupils to study to the highest level to justify the investment made in them by their parents. He bemoans the low standard exhibited by the students and admonished them to focus on their books rather than movies and phones. 

The Municipal Director of NCCE, Mr Emmanuel Mettle, mentioned that students have been recognised as the most important foundation of human capital and are key agents for socio-culture, economic and political development in our current dispensation. Moreover, he held that it is important to cultivate and harness the intellectual abilities of the students by instilling in them the constitution of Ghana and National Development.

The intents of the quiz competition was to create awareness of Ghana’s Constitution, LaDMA Bye-Laws and to test the civic knowledge of the students.

Dr. Joseph Gerald Nyanyofio who was the guest of honour, urged the students to avoid social immoralities but rather focus on their learning to become good and responsible future leaders.


Hon Solomon Kotey Nikoi, the Municipal Chief Executive of the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) has asked the pupils of the La Salem Presby JHS, and the teachers and non-teaching staff to recognise the importance of the school building to the municipality and see to its constant maintenance for generations to come.

The MCE made the call when he commissioned the 3 Unit Classroom Block with ancillary facilities at the La Presby Salem JHS. He disclosed the contract sum of the project as One Million, Two Hundred and Twenty-Four Thousand, and Four Hundred and Twenty- One Ghana Cedis (Gh₵ 1,224, 421.00) which was sourced from the RFG District Assembly Common Fund (DACF).

The MCE said part of the Assembly’s commitment is to provide the necessary infrastructure needed to facilitate access to education and also improve the quality of teaching and learning in the Municipality. He mentioned that the new building signifies another landmark in the flight of education, empowerment and progress made in the municipality. He sustained that, for any society to develop and shape minds and talents of the youth, it would depend on education, which is the foundation stone to equip them with the required tools to steer the challenges of the modern world.

Hon Rita Odoley Sowah, the Member of Parliament of the La Dade-Kotopon Constituency urged the pupils to study well to become imminent leaders who would take over from the forebears. She advised them to avoid early pregnancy, that would cost their future and appealed to the parents to keep an eye on their children because they are the backbone of the Country.

Responding to the media, Mr Richard Ben Debrah, the Municipal Works Engineer stated that the project resumed on 31st January 2023, and was completed on 30th September 2023, a month before the scheduled time by the M/S Ellbus Company Limited under the supervision of the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly Works Department. Mr Richard Ben Debrah stated that, because of scarcity land in the Municipality, the Assembly’s policy is to build vertical school blocks. He hinted that the Assembly would source for funds to complete the second phase of the building in 2024.


The South La ‘2’ JHS which was run-down for years has been rehabilitated at the sum of Gh₵ 548,831.00 from the District Assembly’s Common Fund by the M/S Cameron Group International under the supervision of the La Dade- Kotopon Municipal Assembly’s Works Department.

The rehabilitation works, which was undertaken by the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA), was in response to the numerous appeals made by the stake holders most especially the Assembly Member of Kaajaano Electoral Area who also doubles as the Presiding Member of the Assembly.

Commissioning the rehabilitated Three Unit Classroom block, Hon Solomon Kotey Nikoi the MCE of LaDMA stated that the rehabilitation of the new block commenced on 26th May 2023 and was completed on 26th September 2023 to aid both learners and teachers have access to the new structure to facilitate teaching and learning.

According to the MCE, the commissioning of the facility was part of the Assembly’s commitment to providing good educational infrastructure for the people of La. Education is the keystone in every society and promotes development of human life he added. He urged the school authorities to cultivate maintenance culture to keep the facility in good state to stand the test of time to serve its purpose.

He called on the teaching staff and non- teaching staff as well as the pupils to take good care of the edifice and all other facilities that have been handed over into their care. Hon Solomon Kotey Nikoi urged the teachers to shape the minds of the children as their core mandate. He said “You are the architects of the future of the pupils, and it is through your dedication, passion and guidance that our students would grow into responsible citizens and future leaders”.

On her part, the Headmistress of the school Madam Prasi Andriana Salifu admonished the parents to acknowledge the vital role and commitment the Assembly has shown in the lives of their children by taking education to another height in the municipality.

Madam Prasi Andriana Salifu urged the pupils to work hard to uphold the school legacy to make the investment made in them worthwhile. She appealed to the Assembly to take necessary action against the youth in the area who have turned the school compound into football playing field, which is affecting the school facilities.

She further appealed to stakeholders to provide laptops and desktop computers to the schools ITC centre to enhance computer-learning skills amongst the learners.

NADMO – LADMA In Collaboration With Ghana National Fire Service Organized A Fire Education Program Within The Labone Electoral Area For Zone 8 Mechanic Association

In the heart of Labone Electoral area for Zone 8 Mechanic Association, a bustling hub of vehicle maintenance, the threat of fire loomed amidst the clang of tools and engine hums. Recognizing this risk, NADMO-LADMA and the Ghana National Fire Service partnered to educate and empower the mechanics on fire safety. Through engaging presentations and hands-on training, mechanics gained confidence in handling fire emergencies. NADMO of ladma and the Fire Service provided fire safety kits and established emergency hotlines, fostering a sense of security within the community. The collaboration exemplified the power of unity in promoting safety, leaving mechanics equipped to prevent disasters and ensure a safer future.