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Enhancing Development Control and Infrastructure: A Comprehensive Review of Municipal Efforts

Development control plays a crucial role in shaping urban landscapes and ensuring sustainable growth within municipalities. In this article, we provide an insightful overview of recent development control activities and infrastructure initiatives undertaken by the La Municipality, highlighting the commitment to fostering orderly development and improving public services.

Development Control Activities:
Over the review period, the La Municipality diligently conducted development control activities to enforce regulatory standards and address unauthorized construction. Notably, thirty-eight developers received warning letters for non-compliance, while eleven were brought before the La Magistrate court for building without permits. This proactive approach underscores the municipality’s dedication to upholding building regulations and safeguarding community interests, particularly in areas like East La.

Furthermore, in response to encroachments along Laboma Beach, the municipality, in collaboration with High Court officials, issued injunction notices to halt ongoing developments. Despite warnings and legal mandates outlined in the Local Governance Act 2016 and Building Regulations 2022, some developers persisted in their activities, necessitating decisive action to preserve public spaces and uphold regulatory frameworks.

In addition, a coordinated operation involving the National Security and Ghana Police Service successfully addressed issues of street vending and unauthorized activities within the Airport enclave. This joint effort has resulted in improved urban aesthetics and enhanced pedestrian mobility, contributing to a safer and more welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike.

Infrastructure Initiatives:
In parallel with development control activities, the La Municipality has embarked on various infrastructure projects to meet the growing needs of its populace. Notably, the rebranding of the LaDMA directional sign into a three-dimensional (3D) structure signifies a commitment to modernizing urban signage and enhancing wayfinding for residents and visitors.

Moreover, ongoing development projects within the municipality, including educational and administrative facilities, demonstrate a concerted effort to improve service delivery and community infrastructure. Of particular significance is the construction of the La General Hospital, a 164-bed healthcare facility funded by the Government of Ghana and overseen by Messrs Polychanga Overseas Engineering Company Limited. A recent site meeting involving key stakeholders underscored progress on this vital project, reflecting collaborative efforts to enhance healthcare access and delivery within the municipality.












Const. of 3-storey 18-unit Classroom block with ancillary facilities

La Wireless Cluster of Schools


Gable level





Const. of 3-unit classroom block with ancillary facilities


La Salem JHS

Completed and commissioned in October

In use



Rehab. of 3-unit classroom block with office and staff common room

South La Estate JHS

Completed and commissioned in October

In use




Const. of Staff Canteen


LaDMA Office


6-tables 12-benches supplied






Const. of stores/cold room/data office


LaDMA Office







Rehab. of 2-storey 3-unit classroom block

La St. Mauris A&B JHS

Painting works commences

Fence wall plastered





Rehab. of African Unity Primary School

Maale Dada

Roofing members in position





Rehab. of Junior High School with Library


Maale Dada

Substructure works for the library

Structural works ongoing for the main building


In conclusion, the La Municipality’s proactive approach to development control and infrastructure development reflects a commitment to sustainable urban management and community welfare. By enforcing regulatory standards, addressing unauthorized construction, and investing in critical infrastructure projects, the municipality aims to create a conducive environment for economic growth and social well-being. Moving forward, continued collaboration between government agencies, stakeholders, and the community will be essential to realizing the municipality’s vision for inclusive and resilient urban development.

Empowering Communities: La Dade Kotopon Champions World Breastfeeding Week

Breastfeeding stands as the cornerstone of child nutrition, wielding profound implications for health and well-being by influencing morbidity and mortality rates. Recognizing its pivotal role, the World Health Organization advocates for early initiation of breastfeeding after birth and exclusive breastfeeding within the first six months of a child’s life. It is a policy geared not only towards sustaining breastfeeding practices but also strengthening breastfeeding-friendly environments in health facilities and communities.

Every year, the first week of August becomes a dedicated time to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week. Guided by the theme “Enabling Breastfeeding: Making a Difference for Working Parents,” this year’s celebration held special significance for the La Dade Kotopon community.

Commitment to Success: Planning and Collaboration

To ensure the success of this year’s World Breastfeeding Week, the management of La Dade Kotopon formed a dedicated committee. Comprising the Deputy Director of Nursing Services, Nutrition Officers, Public Health In-charges, and Health Promotion Officers, the committee worked tirelessly to organize impactful activities that resonated with the theme.

Activities Carried Out: A Tapestry of Engagement

Radio Discussions at Latenu: The celebration kicked off with enlightening radio discussions at Latenu, providing a platform to disseminate valuable information on breastfeeding to a broader audience.

Launch at Arakan Medical Center: The official launch took place at Arakan Medical Center, setting the tone for a week dedicated to raising awareness about the significance of breastfeeding.

La Market Outreach: Health workers ventured into La Market, engaging women and men alike in conversations that emphasized the importance of breastfeeding. This grassroots approach aimed to reach a diverse audience, fostering understanding and support.

Community Awareness Campaigns: From the Police Hospital lying-in recovery ward to various static and outreach points across the municipality, awareness campaigns unfolded. Health professionals actively disseminated information on the benefits of breastfeeding, tailoring their messages to the specific needs of the community.

Conclusion: A Resounding Success Despite Challenges

While financial constraints posed challenges, the La Dade Kotopon community triumphed in creating intensive awareness during the week-long celebration. The focus on working parents added depth to the dialogue, acknowledging the unique challenges faced by this demographic.

In the spirit of collective commitment, the success of World Breastfeeding Week in La Dade Kotopon stands as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives. As the week concluded, the echoes of awareness continued to reverberate, fostering a culture that recognizes breastfeeding not just as a health practice but as a collective responsibility for a healthier and more informed future.


The Ghana Health Service, in collaboration with the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Health Directorate, is proud to announce the commencement of the National Immunization Days Campaign on COVID-19. As the nation continues its fight against the pandemic, this campaign aims to strengthen the defense against the virus and safeguard the health of all Ghanaians.

Date and Strategy:

From 19th to 23rd July 2023, the National Immunization Days Campaign will be carried out through two effective strategies. Firstly, a dedicated team of healthcare professionals will embark on a House-to-House vaccination drive, reaching out to communities and ensuring that every eligible individual is immunized. Secondly, churches will actively participate in promoting vaccination awareness and facilitating the vaccination process.

Static Point and Vaccine Availability:

The La Polyclinic, conveniently located on the Radio Latenu premises, will serve as the static point for the campaign. Here, individuals can receive their COVID-19 vaccination, specifically using the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, which requires just a single dose for complete immunization.

Target Audience:

The campaign aims to cover a wide range of individuals to achieve maximum protection within the population. The target groups for vaccination include all individuals aged 18 years and above who have not yet received any COVID-19 vaccine, as well as those eligible for a booster dose.

Continued Preventive Measures:

While vaccination is a crucial step in curbing the spread of COVID-19, it is vital to maintain other preventive measures. The Ghana Health Service encourages everyone to continue adhering to the following precautions:

Regular Handwashing: Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Hand hygiene remains one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of infection.

Wearing Masks: Wearing a nose mask, especially in crowded or indoor settings, helps to reduce the transmission of the virus.

Social Distancing: Continue to practice physical distancing by maintaining a safe distance from others, particularly in public places.


The National Immunization Days Campaign on COVID-19 represents a significant milestone in Ghana’s efforts to combat the pandemic. By taking part in this campaign and adhering to preventive measures, we can collectively protect ourselves, our families, and our communities from the virus. Let us unite in this endeavor and work towards a safer and healthier future for all.

Remember, getting vaccinated is not only an individual responsibility but a demonstration of solidarity for the well-being of our nation. Together, we can overcome COVID-19 and build a resilient and healthier Ghana.

Nurturing Health: A Chronicle of the 2023 Child Health Promotion Week Celebration

In the heart of Ghana, during the second week of May 2023, a vibrant celebration unfolded, illuminating the significance of children’s health. From Monday, the 8th, to Friday, the 12th of May, the nation came together under the theme ‘The Big Catch-up, reaching the unreached through Child intervention,’ marking the annual Child Health Promotion Week Celebration (CHPWC).

Aims and Objectives: Focused on the Littlest Lives

The primary objective of this year’s celebration was clear: to intensify efforts in increasing knowledge and health coverage for children, particularly those often left untouched by routine outreach services. The week aimed to create awareness and amplify efforts in exclusive breastfeeding, vitamin A coverage, immunization, the use of long-lasting Insecticide Treated Nets, and the promotion of antenatal, supervised delivery, and postnatal care for mothers and newborns.

Week-Long Activities: Weaving a Tapestry of Care

The celebration unfolded as a carefully orchestrated series of events, starting from the strategic distribution of letters to the Municipal Assembly, Education, and Health Facilities. Awareness spread through home visits, radio discussions, and the launch at Arakan Medical Center, Burma Camp, on the 5th of May, 2023. The celebration was not just about activities but a collaborative effort at every level, from districts to facilities, guided by the CHPWC committee.

Key Activities and Initiatives: Seeds of Knowledge and Care

Health Education and Radio Discussions: Latenu FM Station became a forum for enlightening discussions, empowering mothers and caregivers with insights into their children’s nutrition. Simultaneously, health education permeated static and child welfare clinics, creating spaces for questions and shared learnings.

Nutrition Counseling: A pivotal activity aimed at guiding mothers and caregivers in making informed nutritional choices for their children. This counseling occurred at various points, including child welfare clinics, ANC, PNC, and home visits.

Food Demonstration: At the core of empowering caregivers, four food demonstrations took place at Arakan Medical Center and Auntie Otsoo CWC site. Local crops and dishes took center stage, offering both visual and tangible lessons in proper cooking and nutritional choices.

Essential Services Rendered: Nurturing Growth, One Child at a Time

From growth monitoring to immunization, the celebration left no stone unturned in ensuring essential services reached the little ones. Growth monitoring saw hundreds of children assessed, while immunization covered a range of vaccines, from BCG to measles-rubella. Health education, nutrition counseling, and the distribution of long-lasting Insecticide Treated Nets added layers of care.

Challenges and Recommendations: A Roadmap for Future Celebrations

Challenges, such as restricted access to private schools and limited funds, were acknowledged. The report concluded with recommendations for intensified communication efforts at the national level and the allocation of adequate funds to execute activities effectively.

In the tapestry of the 2023 Child Health Promotion Week Celebration, each activity, each initiative, and each challenge represented a stitch—a collective effort to nurture the health of Ghana’s future. As the week concluded, the echoes of knowledge and care lingered, promising a healthier, more resilient generation ahead.

Uniting Against Tuberculosis: La Dade-Kotopon Municipality’s Commemoration of World Tuberculosis Day

On the 24th of March each year, communities worldwide come together to observe World Tuberculosis Day, a poignant reminder of the ongoing battle against this infectious disease. The roots of this global awareness day trace back to 1842 when German physician Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch identified mycobacterium as the causative agent of tuberculosis. Dedicated to raising awareness and garnering support in the fight against TB, the day is marked by a range of activities, including media engagement, street floats, seminars, durbars, and screening initiatives.

In the La Municipality, the 24th of March was not just a date on the calendar but a call to action. Under the leadership of the Honorable Municipal Chief Executive and the Municipal Health Directorate, the community actively engaged in a series of impactful activities to educate the public and encourage collective efforts in the fight against TB.

Educational Endeavors: Fostering Awareness in Every Corner

The municipality took a comprehensive approach to health education and sensitization, ensuring that information about TB reached every corner. Health facilities across the municipality became hubs for disseminating knowledge, empowering individuals with vital insights into the disease.

Radio LATENU, a community radio station, became a powerful ally in the campaign against TB. A dedicated radio talk session served as a platform for in-depth discussions on TB, reaching a broader audience and breaking down complex medical information into accessible knowledge.

Reaching the Hearts of Communities: Sensitization Beyond Borders

The La Polyclinic TB team orchestrated an impactful outreach program, setting up camp at the La Market Complex. Using TB screening tools, they screened 106 individuals, identifying 16 presumed cases and initiating treatment for one confirmed case. The screening extended beyond TB, encompassing critical health metrics like blood sugar levels, malaria, blood pressure, and weight.

The team’s commitment transcended physical boundaries. St. Thomas Aquinas Senior High School became a focal point for education, where the TB team, in collaboration with the school nurse, sensitized the staff and a student body of approximately 2000 individuals. An interactive session provided a platform for questions and answers, fostering a deeper understanding of TB within the younger generation.

Empowering Through Information: Beyond Screenings

The fight against TB extended beyond screenings to the distribution of leaflets and posters. These educational materials were strategically disseminated, reinforcing essential information about TB prevention and early detection.

A Multi-Faceted Approach: Collaboration in Action

Acknowledging that community health is a collective responsibility, the La Municipality recognized key stakeholder’s instrumental in the success of World Tuberculosis Day activities. The collaborative efforts of the Municipal Assembly, Radio LATENU, La Polyclinic TB Team, La Market Leadership, and the entire La community were integral to the campaign’s success.

A Promising Future: Initiatives on the Horizon

In his closing remarks, the Honorable Municipal Chief Executive shared promising initiatives. Plans were underway for drainage construction and the repair of malfunctioning streetlights, particularly in the Tse-Addo area, enhancing security measures within the municipality.

The members of the La Burma Valley Residents Association expressed heartfelt appreciation for the engagement and assurances given by the Hon. MCE. The meeting concluded with a shared commitment to more such engagements, recognizing the pivotal role they play in driving development within the municipality.

As the sun set on World Tuberculosis Day in the La Municipality, it left behind not just footprints of medical screenings but a legacy of community collaboration, education, and a shared commitment to a healthier, more informed future.

LADMA RECORDS 8,960 New Births And 5464 Deaths

8,960 new births and 5464 deaths were registered in the La Dade Kotopon Assembly (LADMA) during the year 2023.

 Out of 8960 new-borns registered, 4541 were males whilst 4419 were females.  

According to the data, 2207, 2016, 2112 and 2625 children under one (1) year were registered during the first, second, third and fourth quarters respectively. 

The Head of Birth and Death registry at LaDMA, Mrs Sheila Naa Addo who disclosed this on Friday 19 JULY said the number registered had exceeded the expected target of 4181 births and 935 deaths

She added this was achieved through the constant visits by officers of Births and Deaths Registry to the hospitals, clinics, maternity homes, delivery and weighing centers across the eight registries within the Municipality.

She emphasized the importance of the data for urban planning, healthcare provision, and educational resource allocation.

She said the data highlighted the demographic trends and population growth within the metropolis and encouraged residents to register births and the deaths of their relatives promptly.  

She commended the Births and Deaths Registry of the LaDMA for the sensitization campaigns and mass birth registration exercise they conducted last year to register all, especially children below one year in the city attributing it to the increase in the number of registrations. 

The Births and Deaths Registry exists following the Births and Deaths Act, 2020 (Act 1027), which mandates the registration and certification of births, deaths, and foetal deaths in the country for national development and related issues.

LaDMA Qualities for 2022 Department.

LaDMA has achieved a major milestone in its quest for development with the successful qualification for the 2022 Department assessment. This assessment, conducted in September 2022, has given the municipality the green light to access funding for its various developmental projects and programs.

The assessment involved a rigorous evaluation of the municipality’s financial management systems, internal controls, and overall governance practices. The results showed that LaDMA had met all the required standards and had demonstrated a strong commitment to accountability, transparency, and good governance.

This qualification comes as a great boost to the municipality’s efforts to improve the living standards of its residents. With access to funding, LaDMA can now undertake more developmental projects in areas such as education, healthcare, sanitation, and infrastructure.

The MCE, Hon. Solomon Niikoi, expressed his delight at the news, stating that it was a testament to the hard work and dedication of the staff and management of LaDMA. He also assured the residents that the municipality would continue to work tirelessly to provide them with better services and facilities.

With this qualification, LaDMA is well-positioned to continue its developmental agenda and to make significant strides in improving the lives of its residents.


The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) has taken a step towards educating students on the dangers of HIV/AIDS through a program aimed at raising awareness of the menace. The program, which was organized in collaboration with the Ghana Health Service and the Ghana Education Service, was targeted at students in junior and senior high schools in the municipality.

The program featured educational sessions on the causes and effects of HIV/AIDS, as well as the various ways of preventing the disease. The sessions were interactive and allowed students to ask questions and seek clarifications on any issues related to HIV/AIDS.

Speaking about the initiative, the Municipal Chief Executive of LaDMA, Hon. Solomon Niikoi, noted that the program was part of the municipality’s efforts to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the municipality. He further emphasized the importance of education and awareness-raising in addressing the issue of HIV/AIDS.

The program was well-received by students and teachers in the municipality, with many expressing appreciation for the efforts of LaDMA and its partners in organizing the program. It is hoped that the program will contribute to the reduction of HIV/AIDS cases in the municipality and promote a healthy and informed society.

Ladma intensified education on teenage pregnancy

The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) has intensified its efforts towards the prevention of teenage pregnancy in the municipality through an educational campaign aimed at raising awareness on the dangers and negative effects of teenage pregnancy.

The campaign, which is being led by the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development, is targeted at teenagers in both junior and senior high schools in the municipality. The campaign features educational sessions on the consequences of teenage pregnancy, including the physical, emotional, and social impact on both the teenager and the community at large.

Speaking about the initiative, the Municipal Chief Executive of LaDMA, Hon. Solomon Niikoi, noted that teenage pregnancy is a growing concern in the municipality and that the assembly is committed to addressing the issue through education and awareness-raising.

The educational campaign has been well-received by students, teachers, and parents in the municipality, with many expressing appreciation for the efforts of LaDMA and its partners in promoting a healthy and informed society. It is hoped that the campaign will contribute to the reduction of teenage pregnancy in the municipality and promote a brighter future for the youth.


Lassa fever is a viral illness that can be transmitted to humans through contact with infected rodents or their droppings, as well as through direct contact with bodily fluids of infected persons. It is a severe illness that can lead to death if not detected and treated early enough.

In light of this, LaDMA health department has taken the initiative to sensitize the public on the prevention and management of Lassa fever. As part of its efforts, a Lassa fever sensitization campaign has been organized to educate the residents of the municipality on the symptoms, transmission, and prevention of the disease.

The sensitization campaign is aimed at raising awareness on Lassa fever and encouraging residents to adopt preventive measures such as maintaining good hygiene, avoiding contact with rodents and their droppings, and seeking medical attention if they experience any symptoms of the illness.

The campaign will involve community outreach programs, health talks in schools, and radio jingles in local languages to ensure that the message reaches a wider audience. LaDMA health department has also provided guidelines on the prevention and management of Lassa fever to healthcare workers in the municipality.

It is essential to note that early detection and treatment of Lassa fever can save lives. Therefore, it is crucial that residents of LaDMA take this sensitization campaign seriously and adopt the necessary preventive measures. The health department is committed to ensuring that everyone in the municipality is informed and equipped to prevent and manage Lassa fever effectively.

In conclusion, LaDMA health department encourages all residents to participate in the Lassa fever sensitization campaign and to take the necessary steps to prevent the spread of the disease. Let us all work together to create a healthy and safe community.