LaDMA Decongest Adiembra Roads.

Scene at the decongestion exercise

The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) as part of its social responsibilities on the ‘Operation clean your frontage’ on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 began demolishing illegal structures raised along the roads of Adiembra electoral area in the municipality.

Speaking to the media, the Municipal Chief Executive for LaDMA, Rev Solomon Kotey Nikoi said the exercise was to create space for the construction of pedestrian walkways.

He said pedestrian compete with vehicles on the roads creating traffic and accidents in the municipality. According to the MCE, most children has lost their lives to onrushing vehicles because of the activities of residents and shop owners who have occupied the pedestrian walkways with illegal structures and the best way to address the issue is to decongest walkways where people unlawfully encroached.

Rev Solomon Kotey Nikoi stated that the assembly has given notice to the affected people and done a lot of awareness prior to the exercise.Rev Solomon mentioned that it was illegal for populaces and business owners to erect structures five feet beyond their frontage to obstruct pedestrian movement.

 Majority of the affected people described the exercise as selective and appealed to the MCE to give them few days to relocate their kiosk and the containers.

Minority were sceptical about the sustainability of the exercise, if it would not be a day wonder to please the Greater Accra Regional Minister that LaDMA is working towards its goals.

They bemoan the assembly lack of action against unauthorised structures at lower stages until it is well established. Moreover, they urged the assembly to be proactive in the discharge of their duties.

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