Lassa fever is a viral illness that can be transmitted to humans through contact with infected rodents or their droppings, as well as through direct contact with bodily fluids of infected persons. It is a severe illness that can lead to death if not detected and treated early enough.

In light of this, LaDMA health department has taken the initiative to sensitize the public on the prevention and management of Lassa fever. As part of its efforts, a Lassa fever sensitization campaign has been organized to educate the residents of the municipality on the symptoms, transmission, and prevention of the disease.

The sensitization campaign is aimed at raising awareness on Lassa fever and encouraging residents to adopt preventive measures such as maintaining good hygiene, avoiding contact with rodents and their droppings, and seeking medical attention if they experience any symptoms of the illness.

The campaign will involve community outreach programs, health talks in schools, and radio jingles in local languages to ensure that the message reaches a wider audience. LaDMA health department has also provided guidelines on the prevention and management of Lassa fever to healthcare workers in the municipality.

It is essential to note that early detection and treatment of Lassa fever can save lives. Therefore, it is crucial that residents of LaDMA take this sensitization campaign seriously and adopt the necessary preventive measures. The health department is committed to ensuring that everyone in the municipality is informed and equipped to prevent and manage Lassa fever effectively.

In conclusion, LaDMA health department encourages all residents to participate in the Lassa fever sensitization campaign and to take the necessary steps to prevent the spread of the disease. Let us all work together to create a healthy and safe community.