Ladma intensified education on teenage pregnancy

The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) has intensified its efforts towards the prevention of teenage pregnancy in the municipality through an educational campaign aimed at raising awareness on the dangers and negative effects of teenage pregnancy.

The campaign, which is being led by the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development, is targeted at teenagers in both junior and senior high schools in the municipality. The campaign features educational sessions on the consequences of teenage pregnancy, including the physical, emotional, and social impact on both the teenager and the community at large.

Speaking about the initiative, the Municipal Chief Executive of LaDMA, Hon. Solomon Niikoi, noted that teenage pregnancy is a growing concern in the municipality and that the assembly is committed to addressing the issue through education and awareness-raising.

The educational campaign has been well-received by students, teachers, and parents in the municipality, with many expressing appreciation for the efforts of LaDMA and its partners in promoting a healthy and informed society. It is hoped that the campaign will contribute to the reduction of teenage pregnancy in the municipality and promote a brighter future for the youth.