LaDMA Qualities for 2022 Department.

LaDMA has achieved a major milestone in its quest for development with the successful qualification for the 2022 Department assessment. This assessment, conducted in September 2022, has given the municipality the green light to access funding for its various developmental projects and programs.

The assessment involved a rigorous evaluation of the municipality’s financial management systems, internal controls, and overall governance practices. The results showed that LaDMA had met all the required standards and had demonstrated a strong commitment to accountability, transparency, and good governance.

This qualification comes as a great boost to the municipality’s efforts to improve the living standards of its residents. With access to funding, LaDMA can now undertake more developmental projects in areas such as education, healthcare, sanitation, and infrastructure.

The MCE, Hon. Solomon Niikoi, expressed his delight at the news, stating that it was a testament to the hard work and dedication of the staff and management of LaDMA. He also assured the residents that the municipality would continue to work tirelessly to provide them with better services and facilities.

With this qualification, LaDMA is well-positioned to continue its developmental agenda and to make significant strides in improving the lives of its residents.