The Municipal Planning Coordinating Unit of the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly has visited a number of the assembly’s key project sites for the second quarter of 2023.

Sites visited included the Construction of a 3- storey 18- unit classroom block with landscaping at the La Wireless Cluster of Schools, a 2-storey 6-unit classroom block with ancillary facilities and landscaping at the La Salem Presbyterian Primary School. Others are a 400 meters 0.9 U-drain at the Airport Police Barracks, the rehabilitation and re-roofing of basic schools in South La and the staff canteen.  

The coordinating director of the assembly, Mr Daniel Nkrumah mentioned that for the last decade the assembly has exhibited a sterling record of accomplishment of accounting to the stakeholders by continually improving. The remains as one of the finest assemblies in the country with a significant growth of development that have guided all activities for the years.Mr Asi Amah of the Urban roads department stated that the 400 meters 0.9 U- drain coast about Gh₵ 695.000.00 with the funding sourced from DACF. He said the drain when completed would address the perennial flooding in the area. He added that the assembly took care of issues affecting the communities by providing them with their needs.

At the La Wireless Cluster of Schools and the La Salem Presbyterian Primary, Mr Richard Sowah estimated work done to be 85% and 95% representatively from Works department.

According to Mr Richard Sowah, the La Salem Presbyterian Primary School would soon be handed over by the contractor. He confirmed that the funding sourced for the project was from DACF and RFG.

The contractor, Ellbus Company Limited was on site at the time when the team visited the area and was happy to meet the monitoring team while on site. Members of the monitoring team were provided with the opportunity to question and discuss issues on the projects.  Responding to questions from the members of the MPCU, the supervising consultant of the school project, the Works engineer from the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly said he  was very much impressed with the quality of work done and said the result was due to constant supervisory given to the contractor and cordial relationship that exist between the two.

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