ACCRA: LaDMA Fully Committed To Reduce Unemployment In The Municipality- Francisca Adorkor-Khein

The Municipal Director of Cooperatives, Madam Francisca Adorkor-Khein, has announced that the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly is dedicated to mitigating the growing issue of unemployment in the municipality. Over 131 individuals within the Municipality have been selected for training under the YouStart policy. Madam Adorkor-Khein emphasized that LaDMA, as a Municipality, is fully committed to addressing the challenges faced by its residents. She urged the citizenry to join hands with the assembly in creating more job opportunities, alleviating the menace of unemployment in the municipality.

Madam Francisca Adorkor-Khein made these remarks during the District Economic Development meeting held at the assembly hall. She revealed that the selected individuals have been grouped into four, with the first phase of Group 1 scheduled for training on May 8, 2023. Participants for the second and third phases will be selected in due categorization.

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