Association Community Model School, the 2023 District Inter Junior Schools Quiz Competition

The Association Community Model School has won the 2023 district inter Junior High Schools quiz competition finals held at Tenashie Junior High School with 47 points, the first runner- up 5BN JHS with 34 points and Tenashie JHS the host school came third with 33 points after the third rounds of contest.

Organised by the Assembly’s National Commission of Civic Education (NCCE) on the theme: Thirty years of consolidating Constitutional Democracy; Building National cohesion through Civic Education and participation in Local Governance. This was to test the pupils understanding of the constitution.

The winner for the competition, Association Community Model School was presented with a Plaque, copies of the constitution, certificates of participation and books to contestants and their patrons. The first and the second runner-up were presented with a plaque, copies of the constitution, and certificates to contestant’s patrons.

The participating schools were the Tenashie JHS, 5BN Junior High School, Wireless ‘5’ Junior High School, Enobal Junior High School, Air Force JHS, and Association Community Model School.

The Quiz Competition hail as ‘Smart Governors Constitution Quiz Competition’, which seeks to project, and promote the significance of the 1992 Republican Constitution to the youth and instil in them the intellect of civic responsibility for national development. Mr Emmanuel Mettle the director of NCCE mentioned that the annual event also pursues to lure active citizenship from the Basic school pupils to enable them to play a part in the promoting and supporting Ghana’s democracy.

The chair of the occasion, Alhaji Abdul Aziz Osang urged the pupils to study to the highest level to justify the investment made in them by their parents. He bemoans the low standard exhibited by the students and admonished them to focus on their books rather than movies and phones. 

The Municipal Director of NCCE, Mr Emmanuel Mettle, mentioned that students have been recognised as the most important foundation of human capital and are key agents for socio-culture, economic and political development in our current dispensation. Moreover, he held that it is important to cultivate and harness the intellectual abilities of the students by instilling in them the constitution of Ghana and National Development.

The intents of the quiz competition was to create awareness of Ghana’s Constitution, LaDMA Bye-Laws and to test the civic knowledge of the students.

Dr. Joseph Gerald Nyanyofio who was the guest of honour, urged the students to avoid social immoralities but rather focus on their learning to become good and responsible future leaders.

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