Empowering Women and Youth through Skill Development: A Case Study of La Municipality’s Training Workshop

In line with its social responsibility, the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development in the La Municipality organized a six-week training workshop aimed at equipping women and youth with employable skills. The workshop, held during the quarter under review, focused on areas such as Pastry Making, Make-up, and Decoration, providing participants with valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The primary objectives of the training workshop were to train ninety youth or women in employable skills and to empower the youth and women of La Municipality. Through practical training and hands-on experience, participants were expected to gain valuable skills that could enhance their employability and socioeconomic status.

Before the commencement of the training, the department reached out to the general public, urging interested individuals to register for the workshop. Equal opportunities were provided to various groups, including dressmakers, hairdressers, and women and youth groups, to participate in the training. Orientation sessions were conducted, and the training officially began on November 3rd, 2023, with the support and encouragement of municipal leaders and stakeholders.

The training sessions were conducted by experienced trainers who developed a comprehensive Training Manual to guide the teaching process. Participants were closely monitored, and their attendance and performance were recorded throughout the training period. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants were assessed through basic and general questions to evaluate their understanding of the course material.

Despite facing challenges such as attendance issues among elderly participants and financial constraints, the training workshop achieved significant success. A total of eighty-six participants successfully completed the program, demonstrating their commitment to learning and personal development. The promise of further opportunities, such as registration for the National Vocational and Technical Institute Examination (NVTI) and internship placements, serves as an incentive for participants to continue their journey towards self-improvement.

Several challenges were encountered during the implementation of the training workshop, including attendance issues, cleanliness concerns at the venue, and financial constraints. These challenges highlight the importance of addressing logistical and operational issues to ensure the smooth running of similar programs in the future.

To enhance the effectiveness of future training workshops, it is recommended to allocate adequate funding and introduce measures such as bench markers to promote participant accountability. Additionally, attachment programs should be introduced to provide participants with practical experience in their respective fields, further enhancing their employability and skill development.

In conclusion, the training workshop organized by the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development in the La Municipality serves as a testament to the commitment to empowering women and youth through skill development initiatives. By addressing challenges and implementing recommendations, similar programs can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of participants and contribute to the overall socioeconomic development of the municipality.