Head of Unit

Borteye Bortieh Felix is the Head of Stores of the Assembly. As the head of stores, he provides the leadership for maintaining the stores unit in order to ensure staff and visitors have access to necessary supplies.


What we do

The Financial Administrative Act 2003 (ACT 654) Section 30(1) established for each government department (Assembly) a Stores Unit.

The Stores Unit is to serve as the storage facility for the Assembly and to advise on issues of procurement, storage and control usage of supplies.


  • Ensue the acquisition, receipt, custody, control, issue and disposal of Government stores
  • Ensue the acquisition of government stores are made and applied to public purposes in the relation to the most economical way
  • Ensure the accountability for the proper care, custody and use of the Government stores from the time of acquisition until they have been or otherwise disposed of in accordance with regulations.
  • Maintenance od proper books of accounting records to timely reflect the transactions.
  • Diligent arrangement of the store
  • Ensuring cleanliness of the store.
  • Invitation of purchase requisitions from the needy department.
  • Collection of store items from the supplier to ensure that the items supplied agree with the specification and the agreed price stated on the Local Purchase Order
  • Updating the bin or tally cards.
  • Issuing of items out of the store, on the strength of properly authenticated store requisitions.
  • Preparation of store receipt and issue vouchers.
  • Ensuring that there is adequate security over the custody of the store materials.