Head of Department

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What we do

La Dadekotopon Municipal Education office,was established in June 2013. The municipal consist of 7 circuits. It has an enrolment of 33,000 pupils in public basic schools and 44,000 pupils in private basic schools. It has 4 public senior high schools and a private SHS in the municipality.


To be a driving force behind the achievement of quality education at the pre- tertiary level in the municipality.


To create an enabling environment that will ensure quality acquisition of knowledge and skills of school children thereby make them productive efficient and effective citizens through motivated staff.


  • Various activities have been put in place to increase enrolment and retention rate of school children through well coordinated sports and cultural programmes and to promote sanitation and hygiene through Girl child/school health clubs.
  • Plans to conduct mapping of all SHS in the municipal and to put them online.


  • Improve reading ability/writing skills in primary schools by 70%
  • Build capacity of teachers in lesson notes writing and test item preparation by 80%.
  • Training primary school/KG teachers in Teaching Learning Material (TLM) preparation 50%.
  • Intensify monitoring and supervision.
  • Promote inclusive education.

Management for Efficiency

  • Organise training for newly appointed headteachers/staff.