Urban Roads

Head of Department

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What we do

The La – Dade Kotopon Municipal Roads Department (LaDMRD) is responsible for the Planning, Development and Maintenance of road infrastructure in the La – Dade Kotopon Municipal Assembly Area.

The objectives of the La – Dadekotopon Municipal Roads Department to meet the specific objectives of the roads are:

  • To manage the road network within the La Dade-Kotopon Municipality
  • To improve the proportion of the road network in good condition
  • To protect the vulnerable in the municipality by providing safe walking/crossing areas for school children and pedestrians.
  • To reduce the occurrence of accidents by providing traffic calming facilities
  • To provide safe parking area for transport
  • To mitigate negative environmental and social impact of road related activities
  • To develop effective quality control measures
  • To collaborate with the Municipal Assemblies in the administration of the road network.