The Municipal Planning Coordinating Unit held it first quarter meeting for the year 2022 on Tuesday March 15, 2022 at the assembly hall.

The meeting was drive for the monitoring of progress of works undertaken by the assembly. In addition, to help make applicable corrections and educative actions to advance the project scheme, work blueprint and implementation strategies.

The committee visited the following facilities; the La Wireless Cluster of Schools, the MCE’s Bungalow at Labone Estate, Rangoon Camp 1&2 School, and St Paul’s Anglican School and the Container for NADMO at LaDMA main office.

According to the director for Works department, the projects would be completed within the schedule.  The team witnessed that at the various project visited workers were on site with works making headway progressively.



The Greater Accra Regional Minister Mr Henry Quartey said the COVID-19 Pandemic caused major social economic ruin in the country therefore Ghanaians must not let their guard down but join forces together with leadership to build a resilient system.

Speaking at the Greater Accra 65th Independence Day celebration parade held at the El-Wak Sports Stadium, the minister said finding from the COVID-19 business track survey conducted by the Ghana statistical service said business in Ghana suffered an average decline of an estimated 51 percent leading to the closure of business that resorted in job losses.


Mr Henry Quartey said but for the timely intervention of government and other global organisation, the affected business would not have remain resilient. He however commended the World Bank and the United Nation Development Programme for their investment made in resuscitating business.

Mr Quartey maintained that, it is a time for all to come together in solidarity to build the country to fulfil the objective behind the fight of the nation. He appealed to stakeholders to make the ’Operation Clean Your Frontage’ work. The Municipal Chief Executive for the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly Reverend  Solomon Kotey Nikoi stress the need for all to cooperate and support the government, as it stride for initiate prudent policies to restore the country economic misfortune. The MCE said the assembly is working hard to reposition itself to be the best municipality in the Greater Accra Region. St Thomas Aquinas Senior High School was the overall best for the parade.

LaDMA Decongest Adiembra Roads.

Scene at the decongestion exercise

The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) as part of its social responsibilities on the ‘Operation clean your frontage’ on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 began demolishing illegal structures raised along the roads of Adiembra electoral area in the municipality.

Speaking to the media, the Municipal Chief Executive for LaDMA, Rev Solomon Kotey Nikoi said the exercise was to create space for the construction of pedestrian walkways.

He said pedestrian compete with vehicles on the roads creating traffic and accidents in the municipality. According to the MCE, most children has lost their lives to onrushing vehicles because of the activities of residents and shop owners who have occupied the pedestrian walkways with illegal structures and the best way to address the issue is to decongest walkways where people unlawfully encroached.

Rev Solomon Kotey Nikoi stated that the assembly has given notice to the affected people and done a lot of awareness prior to the exercise.Rev Solomon mentioned that it was illegal for populaces and business owners to erect structures five feet beyond their frontage to obstruct pedestrian movement.

 Majority of the affected people described the exercise as selective and appealed to the MCE to give them few days to relocate their kiosk and the containers.

Minority were sceptical about the sustainability of the exercise, if it would not be a day wonder to please the Greater Accra Regional Minister that LaDMA is working towards its goals.

They bemoan the assembly lack of action against unauthorised structures at lower stages until it is well established. Moreover, they urged the assembly to be proactive in the discharge of their duties.


The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) held its Third Quarter Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday September 29, 2021 at the Prisons Interdenominational Church, Cantonments, on the theme, Participatory Planning and Budgeting: The Role of Stakeholders.

Addressing the participants, the Municipal Chief Executive for LaDMA Mr Solomon Nikoi Kotey said the meeting was to ensure continuity with free flow of information, assessment in terms of education, security, sanitation, youth employment, and revenue mobilization to ensure accountability. He said the assembly will continue to ensure that the relevant partners meet and discuss issues needed immediate attention to promote participatory governance directed by the essential values in a bid to position the assembly to better respond to citizen needs and initiatives to withstand their trust and firm belief” he said.

The MCE urged residents and people operating their business in the municipality to work towards a common goal for the development of the municipality.

The MP for La Dade-Kotopon Constituency Ms Rita Odoley Sowah appealed to the residents to pay their bills on time to help the assembly to provide them improved service. The MP said that she was lobbying for the construction of La general hospital on time and the dredging of the Kpeshie Lagoon.

Hon. Rita Odoley Sowah called on parents to invest into their children to become responsible and future leaders.

The main objective of the town hall meeting is to examine its impact on the people in the Municipality. In order to achieve this broad mission, the town hall seeks to identify the level of citizen understanding on programs and activities in the Municipal Assembly: 

   To ensure that the assembly major policies and programmes for the year 2021 and 2022 is extensively understood by the citizenry in the municipality through such gatherings. Strengthen effective and healthy working relationship with key stakeholders to ensure prudent implementation of government policies and programmes at both the central and district level.


Mr Solomon Nikoi Kotey was unanimous endorsed by the assembly members of La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly on Tuesday 28th September 2021 at the forecourt of the assembly. All the 15 assembly members voted “YES”.

Mr Solomon Kotey thanked the President for his re-nomination as MCE to serve the people of La. He expressed his indebtedness for the Regional Minister’s support and inspiration and the assembly members who by law are mandated to confirm the president’s nominee which they overwhelmingly done.

Mr Solomon stated that his overwhelmingly endorsement is clearly an indication of instruction to deliver. He said he would engage all relevant stakeholders who will help push the development of the municipality forward.The MCE confirmed said he is looking forward to rededicate his commitment to render quality service to the people of La and embrace the future with enough positivity and thoughtful effort to add value to everything he will do.

The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Hon Henry Quartey called on the leaders of other political parties in the constituency to collaborate with the MCE to change the face of La.

The minister urged the MCE endorsed to do more for the people of the municipality. He also appealed to the MCE to work together with the Member of the Parliament for the development of La and human resource.

Zero Waste Accra Consultative Meeting with Waste Pickers and Collectors

In line with the President’s vision to make Accra the cleanest City in Africa,  La Dade Kotopon Municipal Assembly have been working with Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO) to  implement the Zero Waste Accra Project which aims to work with the  informal waste workers and SMES to divert #waste from landfills whiles providing #jobs for communities. This partnership is geared towards developing a sound waste management strategy to institute Zero Waste practices across Municipalities in the country.

GAYO’s underlying motivation is to work directly with local communities to reduce the vulnerability of groups that are at risk to climate impacts such as children, youth and women, who have a comparatively less adaptive capacity due to social and structural inequalities.  The Zero Waste City/Accra Project has been inspired by  GAYO’s Sustainable Community Project (SCP) which is being implemented in peri-urban areas across three MMDAs in Ghana, namely, the Adansi South District of Ghana, The SCP is the first community-led circular economy project in Ghana which is creating a zero-waste model for solid waste management in peri-urban communities by converting waste into several useful products including, recycled products (raincoat, bags, aprons etc.), Compost fertilizer from organic waste and using agricultural waste to produce charcoal briquette  amongst other items. Through several partnerships with SMEs and local government offices, this project has created green jobs, built the capacity of informal waste pickers, and reduced waste from landfills.

Following the success of the Sustainable Community Project in peri-urban communities, the  Zero Waste City/Accra project proposes to deliver a community -driven Zero Waste strategy that will drive waste from oceans and mangrove ecosystems to a material recovery facility and businesses for processing. Additionally, the Zero Waste City Model will create a new green and blue circular economy for vulnerable people in the municipality by training existing SMEs to use municipal waste as raw materials to create useful products.

As a structure in the local system of Ghana, the project is in line with LaDMA’s commitment of enhancing the social-economic well being of the people through an effective and efficient delivery system.

As part of the zero waste strategy development process, the parties convened a consultative meeting with informal waste pickers within LaDMA and the Accra Metropolitan Area (AMA) to document the contributions of all relevant stakeholders. This is to promote inclusive participation in the Accra Zero Waste city project with a bottom-up approach of model development. Key on the agenda for the day’s meeting was to understand how to co-create the needed components to achieve a Zero Waste  city by working with waste collectors and pickers to support their work in the recovery of ‘valuable’ waste materials and for proper community sensitization.

The Accra Zero Waste Project focuses on the informal waste sector, therefore it seeks to strengthen the sector’s collaboration in ways that will promote local ownership and enhance informal sector access to wider benefits in the waste management sector. With a signed Memorandum of Understanding between GAYO and the LaDMA, over the next 18 months, GAYO will work with LADMA to ensure a sound  Solid waste Management Strategy for LaDMA is developed and put into practice.


Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO), is a youth-led gender-balanced organization that focuses on environmental sustainability and community development. Our thematic areas include, climate change, Disaster Risk Reduction and Circular Economy. In our quest to achieve our vision, we research and provide solutions to pressing environmental issues through the establishment of community-based circular economy models which encompasses advocacy, stakeholders’ engagement, enterprise development and public education



Request For Grant Applications


The World Bank is providing funding to the Government of Ghana (GoG) for the implementation of the Ghana Economic Trans- formation Project. The development objective of the Project is to promote private investment: and firm growth in non-resource- based sectors. The GoG through the Economic Transformation Project is providing grant to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Ghana Enterprises Agency/GEA (Formerly National Board for Small Scale Industries) is implementing the COVID-19 Response Grant Programme and is inviting eligible High Growth Potential SMEs that have been impacted by the COVID19 Pandemic to apply for the grant.


  • Must be a Small or a Medium Enterprise (SME);
  • Must have a Business Registration Certificate or Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Financial Statement; or Statement of Affairs for the year’s 2019 md 2020 or business bank statements for same period must be submitted:
  • SME: which commenced operations in or after March 2020 are not eligible to apply.


  • Agro-processing;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Textile and Garment;
  • Food and Beverages;
  • Pharmaceuticals. Healthcare and Companies in the production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


  • Purchase of machinery and equipment. or technology;
  • Equipment installation and repair costs;
  • Payment for technical advisory services;
  • Payment for capacity building;
  • Working capital expenditure such as utility, salaries, purchase of raw materials, marketing expenses etc.
  • Rent payments for business operations;
  • Regulatory Compliance costs.


Access Online Grant Applications at:

Track the status of applications at:

For assistance, contact the AGAM Secretariat or any GEA Business Advisory Centers (BACs) or the Business Resource Centers (BRCs) across the country at no costs to applicants.

  • For further inquiries. Please contact the GEA’s Contact Center +233(0)362196909

NB: Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.


Wednesday July 21. 2021.


LaDMA on Monday July 5, 2021 demolished illegal structures built on waterways in the municipality.

The exercise was led by the works department of the assembly, the exercise began from the La Palm wine junction to the wireless junction where shops, containers and abandoned vehicles on the street and walk ways where removed.

Before the exercise, the assembly sent warning letters to the affected people and some encroachers to vacate the area.

Encroachers where aware of the intended exercise and therefore did not have any excuse.


The La Dadekotopon Municipal Assembly together with the Global Wellness Mission held a program at La Apaapa on June 26, 2021 to educate the public on the importance of eating nutritious foods.

Speaking at the program, the La South sub metro head and a Public Health Nurse, madam Ethel noted that the public education on nutritional eating could help reduce the prevalence rate of non-communicable diseases in our community and the country as a whole..

Guest speaker, Madam Barikisu, a nutrition officer at Ga South East Municipal Health Directorate enlightened the people on “healthy nutrition lifestyle”, by elaborating on what to do to stay healthy and to prevent future diseases that are nutrition related.

La Dade Kotopon Municipal Health Directorate Nutrition Officer, Madam Agatha Klevor, urged the people to include the ‘4 STAR DIET’ which are legumes, protein source and oils, staples, vegetables and fruits in their day to day meals.

There were in display locally made natural drinks (zonkum, tropical mix, sobolo, pineapple and ginger) to create awareness to discourage people to stop drinking the artificial and carbonated drinks which contains mostly color, high amount of sugar and perseverative which can lead to liver and kidney problems.

The program ended with a health screening and aerobics for the community members. They were screened for their blood sugar, blood pressure, body mass index, to ascertain their health status.


The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly on Friday June 11, 2021 embarked on the Green Ghana project to plant trees at various communities and schools in the Municipality.

The Green Ghana Planting is aim to address Ghana’s reforestation to save its depleting forest reserves as well as ensure climate change adaptation. The reforestation is also a core project for La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA).

The Municipal Chief Executive for LaDMA, Hon. Solomon Kotey Nikoi, led the tree planting exercise that started from Zenith University stretch to Tse Addo last stop, the Kpeshie lagoon enclave, and some selected schools in the municipality.

The “Green Ghana” planting exercise received massive support from the La Traditional Council, Tse-Addo Resident Association.

Hon. Assembly Members, National Service Personnel the NABCO Personnel and the Forestry Commission.

Hon. Solomon Kotey Nikoi, the MCE for LaDMA applauded the participants for their responses for the exercise. The MCE stated that about nine thousand eight hundred (9,800) trees would be planted in different localities within the Municipality and urged Ghanaians to cultivate the habit of tree planting at their various home.