LaDMA Sensitizes Residents On COVID-19

As part of the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly mandate to protect the lives of the people in the municipality, an eight-member committee was formed under the auspices of the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon Solomon Nikoi Kotey and chaired by the Municipal Coordinating Director Mr. Daniel Nkrumah.

The committee membership was drawn from the Social Welfare and Community Development, Mr. Ashitey Ollennu, Mr. Evans Todzro, Environmental Department, Mr. Martin D. Lobyang, NADMO, Mr. David, NCCE, Mrs. Yvonne Quaye, Health Directorate, Mr. John N.Doku, Information Services Department to commence a process to create awareness, and sensitized the public on the COVID 19 pandemic.


The main objectives of the committee, is to seek to create awareness and sensitize the public to observe all the preventive measures and social protocols to control and prevent the spread of the COVID 19 in the municipality.

Ensure that the social preventive measures and protocols for the COVID 19 is extensively understood by the citizenry in the municipality for the enhancement and adequate information sharing.

To bring governance closer to the citizenry by keeping them informed on the implications and consequences of flouting the preventive measures of the COVID-19.

To ensure that the public adhere and comply with the lockdown directives and inform the directorate of their reactions to the lockdown.

Mode of operation

Public awareness and sensitization undertaken vigorously using a combination of two mobile announcement vans, Radio Latenu, Obonu FM and face-to-face interaction to reach the people.

The teams conducted snap checks, foot patrols, visit market centers, restaurants, chop bars and drinking bars, lorry stations and the La landing beach during the period under review.

The publicity was very successfully looking at the level of coverage and compliance by the food vendors, the La market women, provision stores operators and the public in general.


 For flouting the ban on drinking bar operations, a woman was arrested at the Nativity enclave. The news spread across the whole community compelling other bar operators to close down.