Head of Unit

Mr. Joseph Akrong is the head of the Transport Unit at La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly. He is a fully qualified motor vehicle technician. He received his training at Mechanical Lloyd, SCOA Motors and Toyota Ghana Company Ltd.

He has years of experience under his belt, having worked for top companies in the motor-vehicle industry such as Toyota Ghana Company Ltd, Josh Auto’s (UK), Big B motors (UK). Mr. Akrong brings such skill set and experience to bear at La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly as the head of the Transport Unit. A position he has held for two and half years.


What we do


To provide quality and efficient service to various department and unit and help run other errands for the assembly.


To ensure quality training and workshops for the driver for effective and efficient in the transport unit.


  • Monitoring the vehicles of the assembly.
  • Distribution of letters, item etc to other government agencies and other places when the need arises.
  • Movement of officers on monitoring and management visits.