Head of Department

Mrs. Josephine Otoo is La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly’s Current Municipl Finance Officer.

What we do

The Finance Department is mandated by but not limited to the Local Government Act, 1993, Financial Administration Act,2003 (Act654) and the Financial Administration Regulation, 2004 (L.I.1802) to control and efficiently manage the finances of the Assembly.

In this regard, the Department is required to ensure by leading in revenue mobilization, control expenditure, accounting and reporting to all stakeholders.

The Department is established by the Controller and Accountants General’s Department to provide Public Financial Management (PFM) to the Assembly and the general public. The Department is established to assist the Controller and Accountant General exercise its mandate as per the constitution of Ghana.


Our vision is to serve the public with positive culture, client focused and results oriented, constantly seeking ways to improve the delivery of public financial management service to the Assembly, the La community, the Government and the General public. 

Mission Statement

We exist to provide public financial management services to the Assembly, La Community, the Government and the general public through efficient, skilled and well motivated and dedicated staff using the most appropriate technology.