Head of Unit

Mrs. Francisca Adorkor Khien is an enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable, responsible and hardworking person who has worked with the Department of Co-operative under the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relation since 2014. She is currently the Municipal Co-operative Director at La-Dada Kotopon Municipal Assembly.

She holds a Bachelor of Accounting from Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) and currently pursuing her Masters in Management and Administration at University of Ghana Business School. She is a member of the Catholic Professional Guild (finance group).

What we do

The Department of Co-operative (DOC) was formed in the year 1944 with responsibility of promoting and developing Co-operative entities. Under the Legislative instrument L.I 1961 schedule (3) regulation (4) the department of trade and industry functions of the District Assemblies is carried out by the department of co- operatives. It derives the legal powers to discharge its functions from Co-operative Societies Degree 1968 (NLCD 252) and L.I. 604 of 1968


The Department of Co-operative exists to facilitate the development of vibrant Co-operative Enterprises that are capable of contributing positively towards sustainable employment generation, agricultural growth, poverty reduction and community development through mobilization of people to form co-operatives, capacity building, policy implementation, co- ordination, monitoring, evaluation and regulations based on our believes in the effective group action.

Facilitatory/Regulatory Services:This involves creating enabling environment for the Co- operative societies. Activities undertaken here are:

  • Group formation and enterprise formation
  • Registration of Co-operative groups
  • Audit and inspection and inquiry

Advisory Services
Once registered, DOC facilitates the development of the Co- operatives through:

  • Attendance at meeting to offer advice on questions of law and principles of Co- operatives
  • Advice on good management practices
  • Periodic visit to assist in the resolution of problems confronting the co- operatives, management, conflict, etc.
  • Facilitating the keeping of proper records

Provision of Social Goods:
In the performance of its non-statutory duties, DOC does the following:

  • Educating of the general public on the virtues of group work (advocacy)
  • Educating of members of Co-operatives on their rights and their responsibilities as members and their roles in the success of the group enterprise.
  • Training of executives and managers of Co-operatives in business and financial management.