LaDMA is Committed to Implementing All Approved Programs and Projects

Hon. Solomon Kotey Nikoi, the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Chief Executive, has announced that the assembly will organize a 5-day town hall meeting on Public Financial Management. He made this announcement during a meeting with stakeholders, emphasizing the theme ‘Accounting to the people; our responsibility in ensuring a flood-free municipality,’ which reflects LaDMA’s commitment to preventing flood-related losses. He made the call at the Church of Pentecost Trader Fair Assembly, La.

The town hall meeting will be held in all 10 electoral areas across five venues, with the first ceremony marking the start. This approach aims to increase citizen participation, according to the MCE.

During his address, Hon. Kotey Nikoi gave special recognition to the Honourable Assembly Members, particularly highlighting Hon. Helena Fofo Armah, the only elected female assembly member. He also noted the return of 90 percent of assembly members, indicating their strong ties with their electorate.

The MCE mentioned that the assembly has been working closely with traditional rulers, development partners, and Civil Society Organisations to push the development agenda forward. This cooperation has led to several development projects being implemented.

He said the assembly’s major sources of funds include Central Government Transfers, the District Assemblies Common Funds, Donor Grants, and Internally Generated Funds (IGF). He said despite falling short of IGF targets, revenue increased compared to the previous years, he noted. According to the MCE, the assembly successfully implemented 99 out of 102 activities in the 2023 Annual Action Plan, demonstrating effective planning and execution. He said several infrastructure projects, including drain construction and road resealing, have been completed or are ongoing in collaboration with the government of Ghana (GoG).

Hon. Kotey Nikoi also mentioned a street naming exercise planned to improve local revenue and enhance security, with consultations and sensitization ongoing in various communities. He acknowledged the challenges facing the district, including poor sanitation management, youth delinquency, flooding, poor adherence to settlement planning, unlawful activities on streets, boundary disputes, and limited land for physical development. Hon. Solomon Kotey Nikoi expressed the assembly’s determination to implement all approved programs and projects for the betterment of the people of La Dade-Kotopon Municipality. He thanked stakeholders for their support and the Ministry of Local Government, Decentralization, and Rural Development for technical assistance.